Julia Muehlstein's Dream Vacation

Hawaii Facts

My dream vacation is to go to Hawaii.

Hawaii is a island that is part of The United States.

I want to go to Hawaii because it is really pretty

Hawaii is great because there is so much to do there and it is always warm.

Interesting Facts:

  1. State Nickname: Paradise of the Pacific
  2. State Flower: Yellow Hibiscus
  3. There are only 13 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet
  4. Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee, cacao, and vanilla bean.
  5. State Gem: Black Coral
  6. One of the four states that have outlawed billboards
  7. Snakes are also banned. They can only be in zoos.
  8. There are yellow, red, and green beaches there.
  9. The big island is constantly getting bigger due to its volcano.
  10. The name Hawaii means the place of the gods.


It will take a minimum of 7 hours and 54 minutes to get to Hawaii from Houston.

Hawaii is 3,5252 miles away from Houston.

I will go with a huge group of friends so we can have fun and relax.

We will get there by taking a flight from Houston to Honolulu.

We will be staying there for a week, because by the time my parents will let me go to Hawaii with my friends I will be in college.


We will be staying at Maui Seaside hotel for $111 dollars a night.

There is an outdoor pool, breakfast is served, a restaurant, and it is located on the beach.

We will need to pack swimsuits, summer clothing, and your normal necessities for vacationing.


The whole trip will cost about $3000 dollars.

Lodging will cost $666 we are staying 6 nights and it is $111 a night.

We will have about $400 in spending money.

Food will cost about $90 it will be $15 a day.

Travel will cost $16 because we will be taking the bus.

Airfare will be $984 for a flight from Houston to Maui.

We will not be paying for gas because we are taking the bus.


We will be taking surfing lessons that cost $65 for 2 hours. We will also be parasailing and that costs $74.65. We will be going to a Luau that costs $85. We will be ziplining and that costs $86.95. We will be renting jet skis for $79. Lastly we will be going snorkeling and that costs $67.

There are many water activities and tours to do and to go to. That is one I picked Maui because there is so much to do there.

There are one in a life time tours to go to and sights that you will not see anywhere else.

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