Mission Santa cruz

by Giovanni Villasaldo

Mission History

Mission Santa Cruz was built in 1791. This mission is number 12. Indian at the mission were Ohlone Indians. Founders of mission is fray lasuen. Important dates in mission history 1791 they sprinkled holy water on the ground oct 9,1791 friars made the first baptism.


The ohlone indians lived at mission Santa Cruz. Fr,lasuen is in charge of santa curz. The Ohlone women fixed dinner and cleaned. The chores that had to be done was building homes and farmed grain. Church began at 6:00 and finished at 6:30 and after prayer the bells rang that means time to work. They have free time at 7:00 p. m. they had to sleep at 9:00. They had the bottom of 25% of grain.


Mission Today

The Santa Cruz was destroyed by an earthquake in 1857. People discovered the Santa Cruz was not destroyed so they made many changes and so they decided it had to take place in california.


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