MIDWEEK UPDATE- Thursday, September 24, 2015


Both Mr. Brown and Mrs. Marquardt have been away from work due to illness. Let's us remain in positive thought as they both recover. We look forward to welcoming them back to the Kozminski family on Monday, September 28, 2015.

Cookie Dough Fall Fundraiser

Cookie dough fundraiser packets should have gone home with students on Wednesday, September 23rd; if not, be sure to send packets out on Thursday- No Exceptions. This is our first SCHOOL-WIDE fundraiser. We have set a goal to raise at least $2000.00 of which 40% of profits will be returned to school to support student incentives and activities. This fundraising campaign will run until October 9th. All monies will be due on Tuesday, October 13th and the product will be returned to us no later than Wednesday, November 18th. Please remind families that only cash or money orders made payable to Kozminski will be accepted. Please direct all questions and concerns to the main office.

Safety and Security

It is essential that we remind our students what is and is not allowed in school. This week, a student brought his step-father's box cutter to school to show his friends. Thankfully the item was not used in a harmful way and no one was hurt. Just as important, a brave classmate stepped up and told the teacher, who then acted immediately. It is best practice to constantly brief students on the contents of the CPS code of conduct in order to reinforce expectations for behavior and consequences for infractions. There shouldn't be any surprises for students, especially our 6th-8th grade student. We must teach what we want them to know, we can not wait or solely depend on parents to review the code of conduct with students.

Staff Photos For Open House Presentation

I would like to take a photo of each staff member (individual or Team) to include in my powerpoint for back to school night. I would like to begin taking photos tomorrow and conclude on Monday. The purpose of the photo is to put a name with a face during the presentation. Open house is scheduled on Wednesday, September 30th from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. This is a great time to welcome families into the school and communicate our expectations for growth.

Attendance Challenge

Kozminski's two week attendance rate fell into the mid-range when compared to other schools in network 9. I truly believe that this was a result of students who enter the building tardy after attendance has been submitted. The attendance team is working very diligently to monitor and correct attendance but they need the help of homeroom teachers to go into grade book and change the absence to tardy when the students arrive late. The office staff will continue to review attendance submissions however, this is considered a check and balance and should not be the sole responsibility of the office staff. I understand that students arrive once instruction has begun which makes it difficult for teachers to make corrections but it must be done in order to capture true attendance performance. Each of you received an attendance challenge. This is an important visual tool for students to see how they are performing as a class with attendance and tardies. Everyone must complete the attendance challenge and record their membership percentage on attendance boards daily. Tardies are a huge area of concern and will be addressed in the school attendance plan.

University of Chicago Day of Service

Wednesday received confirmation that Kozminski will participate in the UC day of service. I applied over a month ago but had not received a response so I was unsure if they were still partnering with us. As it turns out, we are scheduled to receive assistance on this Saturday, September 26th from 2 pm - 5 pm. My plan is to declutter a few common spaces in order to house recess during inclement weather. The rainy fall season is upon us and the cool winter months will be here soon and students need a place to go be active and exert energy. If anyone is available to join us, we would greatly welcome any additional assistance.

Next Week At A Glance- 4th Week of School

  • Lesson review and classroom instruction alignment will begin. I will specifically look for lesson objective, evidence of tasks that align to objective, and assessments to determine if students learned what was taught.
  • Culture Building- Meet with groups of students from the 6th-8th grade band
  • ILT and Teach Team meetings will focus on Data Driven Instruction that will inform small targeted groupings
  • I will conduct the first grade book review audit
  • Recess and Attendance Team Meetings
  • ESP Evaluation Orientation
  • 1st Evacuation Drill- Begin to review exit procedures and locations with students
  • Open House Wednesday, September 30th
  • PAC Meeting