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June 2016

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Happy Summer! Hope everyone is enjoying these laid-back summer days and doing fun things with their family, friends, and dogs. Sit back with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the next issue of the Cavalier Chronicle!

CKCSC of Greater Atlanta Member’s Fun Match – April 24, 2106 Judge: Mimi Hodges (Mimric US)

A heartfelt thank you to the Cavaliers of Greater Atlanta for the invitation to judge their annual Fun Match! The dogs were of very nice quality overall, and I’m loving the choices made. I believe both puppies will have success and a promising future in the show ring. Nice weather, good food, cavaliers and their people made for a memorable day. Thank you for the opportunity to go over your pups and supporting me in completing my candidate judge requirements. As requested, I have written a description of the top winners.


3 to under 6 month Puppy

1. (#3) Monticello Bodacious Beach Baron (Casebier)

9 to under 12 month Puppy

  1. (#5) Brookhaven the Dream Lives On (Utych) – Winners Dog, Best of Breed, Best Puppy

I’ve had the pleasure of judging this young dog a few months before. He continues to mature and come into his own. He is a true toy spaniel in size, very balanced, good reach and drive for his size and a flat level top line. His tail set is correct and he carries his tail level as he moves around the ring. An asset that is hard to ignore is his lovely expression, eyes that melt and a sweet sweet face with soft cushioning. Nice coat of correct texture….yes I like this little dog!

Bred By Exhibitor

1. (#9) Monticello Tribute to Lancelot (Alford)

Open Dog

1. (#21) Almeara What About Me (Whitmire)

Veteran Dog

1. (#11) Brookhaven Bob Bailey (Schilling) – Reserve Winners Dog

Exhibition Only Dog

1. (#7) Almeara Visionnaire (Utych/Whitmire)


3 to under 6 month Puppy

1. (#12) Jayba Bon Bon (Lander)

2. (#8) Azalea Run Red Hot Valentine (Schilling)

6 to under 9 month Puppy

1. (#4) Brookhaven Suzie-Q (Ayers/Martz) – Reserve Winners Bitch

2. (#14) Jayba Kitty (Lander)

9 to under 12 month Puppy

  1. (#18) Jayba Booty (Lander) – Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex

A lovely young tri, so perfectly marked which is hard to produce in a tricolor. Her greatest asset is her lovely graceful neck flowing into correctly angled shoulders. Rear angles are also correct and you see how these shoulder and rear angles enable her to move correctly coming and going with pretty side gait movement as well. This girl has substance and bone. A pleasing moderate head and nice ear set. I predict a bright future ahead.

2. (#16) Jayba Squirrel (Lander)

Bred By Exhibitor

1. (#15) Almeara Indulgences (Whitmire)

American Bred

1. (#12) Almeara AHHMazing (Whitmire)

Open Bitch

1. (#6) Huntland Jamie (Land)

Exhibition Only Dog

1. (#10) Brookhaven Lucky Penny (Schilling)

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Jim and Sharon Utych are bragging on Brookhaven The Dream Lives On "Edgar". He had a great weekend at the Blue Ridge Classic Shows and the Blue Ridge CKCS Specialty Shows in Fletcher NC!(May 27-29).He won his class in every show entered and on Saturday at the BRCKCSC Specialty under judge Charlie Fippin, he was awarded Best Puppy in Show. On Sunday, Edgar took Reserve Winners Dog under judge Houston Clark and at the second BRCKCS Specialty under judge Nancy Liebes, Edgar was awarded Winners Dog, Best of Winners (a 5 point major)and Best Puppy in Show!

Jim and Sharon Utych are also bragging on Almeara Visionnaire CGC "Stevie" as he won his class every day he was entered in the Blue Ridge Classic Shows and BRCKCSC Specialty on Saturday! Sharon co-owns Stevie with Linda Whitmire.
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Trainer's Corner with Tonya Wilhelm: Is Plastic Safe?

From Tonya's blog December, 2015

By now you may have heard some of the buzz that plastics are harmful to our health and of course our pet's health too. Companies have been promoting BPA (Bisphenol A) Free plastics, or certain #x that are safe to use. You may even have known that when a plastic gets heated it releases even more harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, it does not seem like any plastics are safe to use!

In a recent study "scientists discovered that many unstressed and stressed, PC-replacement-products made from acrylic, polystyrene, polyethersulfone, and Tritan™ resins leached chemicals with EA (estrogenic activity), including products made for use by babies. However, this study also showed that some PC-replacement products did not leach chemicals having significant levels of EA" (CertiChem, Inc). Unfortunately at this time for a consumer it is difficult if not next to impossible to determine which ones.

According to veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan, another pitfall plastics can cause is contact allergies. Dr. Morgan goes on to say, "there is also the concern from toxic leaching of chemicals when plastic is microwaved or subjected to heat (like the water bottles left in cars). Also, melamine can be an issue if any of that is used in the plastic."

There are safer alternatives such as glass, ceramic or stainless steel. Dexter The Dog uses a variety of these safer options. For our everyday dog water bowl, he has a ceramic dog bowl. Of course he doesn't have just one dog water dish, he has 2 in the house. Inside his dog crate, he has a stainless steel water bowl that attaches to the dog crate. This goes for the same in his car travel crate. When we go on our dog walks & dog adventures, he uses a stainless steel dog travel water bowl.

I just feel it's always better to be safer than sorry. Maybe one day the scientists will be able to develop a safer plastic. But until then, I will use glass, ceramic or stainless steel for Dexter's dog food dishes, water bowls & treat jars.

Book Nook: Please Stay-Help For A Dog With Separation Anxiety by Tonya Wilhelm

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Dr. Judy Morgan- You are What You Eat: Qi and Pet Food

In the next installment of her food seminars, Dr. Morgan discusses Qi and pet food!

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