The Cummings Crew

Just A Collection of Family Information

Greetings Family!

On behalf of Danny Ginn, Jr., I am creating a database for the descendants of the Cummings Family. The goal is to have a record of EVERY SINGLE MEMBER, young and seasoned, so that we are able to stay in closer contact. Once this information is compiled, it will be used to create a Family Directory, to be shared with each family household. Please complete one electronic form per family member in your household (deceased and non -deceased).

It's important to complete the form in its entirety as well as provide accurate information. Go ahead and grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you like to drink because it may take you a few minutes to complete each form. To access the form, click on the link below, titled Cummings Family Information Form. Thank you in advance for your immediate attention. Please complete on or before July 30, 2016.

Felicia Turner

Special Note: Feel free to share this electronic survey with our family members who needs it. If you Facebook, you will want to send the link to that person privately.