Christian Huygens

Mars rover

Christiaan Huygens

Born:14 April 1629

Died:8 July 1695



Christian Huygens was the first to derive the formula for the period of an ideal mathematical pendulum (with massless rod or cord and length much longer than its swing), in modern notation

he also discoverd titain saturns largest moon and the theory of waves

mars rover:While analyzing rocks and soils on Mars, the robotic geologist, equipped with a toolbox of scientific instruments, found hard spheres the size of peppercorns. Sometimes the spheres, nicknamed "blueberries," were loosely scattered across the surface; other times, they were anchored within individual rock layers. After weeks of meticulous measurements, Opportunity demonstrated that the spheres consisted primarily of the mineral hematite.

Dates of discoveries

Christian Huygens discovered the pendulum clock in 1658

Technology Used At The Time

christiaan Huygens used hand made materials as it was all most 400 years ago!!!!!!!

the mars rover used modern science the mars eploration rovers act as robot geologist while they are on the suface of mars.

A body structure that protects the vital organs

mars rover

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