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December 2018

Incoming Freshman Curriculum Night

Incoming Freshman Curriculum Night will take place Wednesday, January 23rd at 6pm at SHS. This event is geared toward incoming freshmen and their parents/guardians to give them an idea of what to expect in high school. You’ll hear about classes, meet teachers, and sign up for a small group meeting with your school counselor (to take place on another date) to choose your elective classes and design your 4-year plan.

6th Grade News

It’s hard to believe that the end of 2018 is almost here. We have been having a wonderful school year and are so proud of all the hard work the students have been putting forth every day in all of their classes.

In Mrs. Shimp’s Language Arts classes they will be reading the novel “Max and Me”

and reviewing many of the elements of literature that they have been working on all year. In Mrs. Kern’s Language Arts classes they will be starting a novel, "Castle in the Attic." They will also be working on text structure. Instructional Language is finishing their novel study and will be working on informational text and writing skills.

Social Studies classes will be studying Ancient China, discussing topics such as The Great Wall of China, the Terra Cotta Warriors, and the first great emperor, Shihuangdi. The Geography Bee is just around the corner and will take place right before the winter break.

We have had quite the ground shaking experience in science this year with discussions and activities on earthquakes and volcanoes. We are continuing on with our study of the Earth in science and will be investigating rocks & minerals along with forces that change the Earth's landscape.

It’s been algebra fun in all the math classes! In regular math class we will be finishing our chapter on algebraic expressions and doing some mystery math problems. Students will be acting as crime scene investigators as they to find out who stole the sleigh as we approach the winter break. Accelerated and AT math classes will be finishing solving algebraic equations. These classes are doing algebra at its finest and will even be working on two-step equations. Instructional Math will be working on understanding Area and Volume in December.

A special round of applause to our two 6th grade students of month: Gael Salgado and Grace Anderson. These two are exceptional students who always put forth a great effort. We enjoy having them in our classrooms and appreciate their hard work!

7th Grade News

In social studies, the students have successfully won the American Revolution and will now begin the difficult task of making our new nation a reality. From the struggles of the Articles of Confederation to the success of the U.S. Constitution, the students will get a front row seat to the Founding Father’s quest to form the perfect government. We will also spend some time dissecting the Constitution and learning about the different parts of our national government. Then we will wrap the quarter up looking at the Washington Administration and the birth of the American Republic in the late 1700s. All in all, it should be a very exciting time in Social Studies.

In science, we are starting our Astronomy unit. We are starting big and learning about the formation of our universe and our galaxy. We will be moving on to stars, constellations, the life cycle of stars, and our star the sun. This will lead us into our solar system and the other objects in the solar system, such as comets, meteors, meteoroids, and asteroids. The students will then be an in class planet project. In this project, the students will be researching two topics about a certain planet. They will then create a power point presentation to teach the class about their planet.

Mrs. Duvick’s 7th Grade Regular Language Arts students have just finished a figurative language unit. They will now have the opportunity to apply their skills as they complete a poetry unit. They will be reading outstanding poems and creating their own original pieces.

The AT Language Arts students will be apply their knowledge of figurative language to a classic piece of literature, A Christmas Carol. They will be reading the novel and creating a project booklet that focuses on the transformation of Scrooge.

Mrs. Nelle’s 7th Grade Regular Language Arts students are currently working on an informational text unit using National Geographic Mission Rescue texts. Each text provides facts and information on an endangered species, and how humans can help turn the tide for these animals before they reach extinction. This unit will take us into winter break. The final project for this unit is a PowerPoint presentation on one of six endangered or threatened species.

In the math classes, we just finished up our unit on percents. During this unit, the students learned how to solve percent problems, and find the percent of change. They also learned how to calculate sales tax, markups, tips, discounts, and simple interest. We are now working on our unit that covers expressions. During this unit, the students will learn how to write and evaluate expressions, find the pattern in a sequence of numbers, and learn about the properties of numbers. They will also learn about linear expressions and how to simplify, add, subtract and factor them. After we finish our unit over expressions, we will then move onto equations.

In the pre-algebra classes, we are just finishing up our chapter on percents. During this chapter, the students learned how to relate decimals, fractions, and percents. They also learned about the percent proportion, percent equation, estimating with percents, percent of change, markups, discounts, and simple and compound interest. We will be moving onto polynomials. During this chapter, the students will learn what polynomials are and how to simplify, add, subtract and multiply them. When this chapter is complete, we will be moving on to more complex equations and inequalities.

Students of the month will be Emma White and Austin Wells.

8th Grade News

We are now well into our second quarter of the school year! Please remember to replenish your student’s supplies. Paper and pencils start running low this time of year. Grades are always available at the Tyler SIS website. Please contact the middle school office (815-786-2138) if you need assistance logging-in to Tyler SIS. In regular language arts, we are reading The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin. We are continuing to work on vocabulary and literary analysis as we prepare for PAARC testing. In AT language arts, the students are working out of the My Perspectives textbook as a pilot program. Currently, they are studying the Holocaust by reading various types of literature related to the topic. Our science classes are working on the chemistry unit. They are learning about types of chemical reactions and how to balance chemical equations. The American History classes are wrapping up their studies on World War I and moving into a study of the Jazz Age. In math, we are finishing up Unit 2 Equations in One and Two Variables and beginning Unit 3 Functions. Your student should be able to compare their current wireless plan with a competitor’s wireless plan. In Algebra, they are learning how to solve systems of equations and inequalities. By this point in time, your child has mastered how to solve linear equations. Sandwich Middle School will begin the Franklin Mall Food Drive in early December. Please talk to your student to get information about when you should send in canned and dry foods to help those in need during the holiday season.

Students of the Month are Jodi Pahle and Damien Sullivan. These are respectful, hard-working students who strive to do their best.

Physical Education News

Hello from the Physical Education department. Time is sure flying by…..our Thanksgiving break has already come and gone. Before our break, our students finished up their basketball and fitness units and currently our students are not partaking in our volleyball unit while some have elected to attend fitness class on Mondays through Wednesday. We are very excited to see some great skills being displayed during these next few weeks. A student who has gone above and beyond all of our expectations and has shown exemplary traits is Ayden Kelly. Ayden goes above and beyond to help others and us teachers in class and maintains a superior attitude of leadership for others. Keep up the great work.


During the last part of 2nd quarter, 6th grade students will finish practicing the engineering design process as they participate in an exciting design challenge. 7th grade students will apply what they’ve learned about design, technical drawing, and computer modeling as they complete their final project of the quarter, the Puzzle Cube Design. They will use TinkerCAD to produce 3D computer models of their puzzle cubes and will 3D print their final projects. Finally, 8th grade students will learn to program robots using RobotC. They will be designing, programming and testing their final automated project.

Speech & Drama – December Edition

Speech & Drama I is learning about how plot diagrams work and apply that knowledge to another couple of plays. After that we work on presentations, focusing on how speeches are put together, vocal variety and communicating a message to an audience. This is done with many different types of presentations: presenting a story as a poem, a “Big Mac” speech, and an “I am” poem. If there is time the quarter will conclude with watching Singin’ in the Rain.

Speech & Drama II is finishing up the Wait until Dark unit. From there everyone in the class moves on to presenting a “How To” speech utilizing a prop. After that we will turn out attention to presenting a dulogue or trilogue (similar to a monologue) and reading a play, Text This, that relates to both our anti-bullying initiative as well as reviewing plot diagrams from last year’s speech class. We will have an “I am” poem along with other speeches in class.

Speech & Drama III has just concluded the Harvey unit. From there the class turns its attention to how to put on a play. We will look at set, costume, lights, sound, and special effects as well as the jobs of a director, house manager, stage manager, and actors. We will go on a field trip to see the backstage workings of a working theatre. Finally, we turn our new knowledge towards a play, The Foreigner, and make a few design choices of our own.

The Wizard of Oz Trip

I’m pleased to report that our trip to see The Wizard of Oz was quite the success! First we enjoyed a very nice dinner at Fireside Grille in Sugar Grove and then we proceeded to The Paramount Arts Center to see The Wizard of Oz. In total 90 students and family members attended our 2nd annual Theatre Trip. SMS wants to thank everyone who made this trip such fun and such a success. We are looking forward to planning another trip for next year!

News from the LRC

Can you believe it? The end of the year is fast approaching and with it comes the rush of holiday gifting. Keep books in mind when you start making a list for your middle school student. There are books out there that will thrill even the most reluctant readers…really! Guinness World Record books are always popular. Big Nate never stay on the shelves for long and you can’t go wrong with the Harry Potter series. Happy shopping and remember books make great gifts for everyone on your list.

The Fifteen Days of December contest will be going on all month in the LRC. Students who come in and check out books or return books will be given a ticket to enter. They can enter as many times as they want. Each day a name will be drawn and the winner will choose a book from the prize cart.

Sandwich CUSD #430 News

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District Dashboard

The Sandwich CUSD 430 district dashboard has been launched and is linked to the district website. While the dashboard includes data the ISBE report card generally includes, the dashboard highlights in greater depth the many types of positive programs and services offered throughout the district.

The dashboard addresses five main indicators:

1) Overall School Achievements and Accomplishments (this indicator highlights success stories from each attendance center such as learning environment activities, academic growth and extra-curricular activities);

2) Student Success (this indicator highlights success stories such as AP course work, Career & Technical Education, student growth performance and academic achievement results);

3) Learning Environment (this indicator highlights success stories such as our AdvancED model of school improvement, professional development experiences, our wellness, technology & safety initiatives and extra-curricular involvement);

4) Finance and Operations (this indicator highlights information such as Evidence Based Funding revenue, expenditure costs, total fund balance); and

5) District Characteristics (this indicator highlights information such as enrollment data, attendance, and mobility).

Handbook Committee

Sandwich Community School District #430 will soon begin the process of reviewing the handbooks for each of the school buildings. This is an annual series of meetings to review the policies and procedures in the handbooks to ensure that all users of the handbook have a clear understanding of the contents. Please consider this great opportunity to become involved with the district. The dates and the times of the meetings will be given out at a later date. All of the meetings would be conducted at Sandwich High School and last approximately 60-90 minutes. If you would like to serve on this committee, please contact your building principal.


Michael S. Herzog

SHS Assistant Principal

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