This Is Who I Am

Hope Danner


I guess you could say I'm athletic. I've played sports all my life, since I was about 7. I've played softball, basketball, track, volleyball and cross country. Now I stick to mainly one sport though, basketball.


I have a small family. I have 2 little brothers, a mama and a daddy. My youngest brother is in the 8th grade and the middle child is in the 10th grade.


I really only have 1 friend that has been with me since day 1. She's more like a sister to me. She's a freshman at nchs. Her name is Hannah Stull.

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I like to eat, play sports, run, hangout with my friends and go to sports games.


Science has always been my favorite subject in school. I even doubled up on the subject last year. I really just like the labs you do. They're always fun.