Queen Elizabeth I


Elizabeth's Childhood

Queen Elizabeth's childhood was full of uncertainties. She wasn't completely sure if she was going to claim the throne because she had a half brother named Edward VI and a half sister named Mary. Elizabeth was the 3rd person that would claim the throne, but due to her sibling's death, she was closer to the throne.

Queen Elizabeth I

Thursday, Sep. 7th 1533 at 12am

4 Well Hall Road

When she was born, Henry VIII changed the history of England by marrying Anne Boleyn. Henry wanted Anne to have a boy that his other wife (Catherine of Aragon) couldn't provide. But instead of the boy that Henry VIII was expecting, Elizabeth I was born.

Queen Elizabeth I Birth & Death dates

Born: 7 September 1533
Greenwich Palace

Became Queen: 17 November 1558

Coronation: 15 January 1559
Westminster Abbey

Died: 24 March 1603
Richmond Palace

Buried: 28 April 1603
Westminster Abbey