St. Paul Bulletin

St. Paul School - Kevin Brever, Principal - March 15, 2013

Inspirational Quote of the Week

”FUN IS GOOD.” - Dr. Seuss


3-19-13 Grades K-3 (2) 8:15

3-20-13 Grade 4-6 (4) 8:15

3-21-13 Grades 7-8 (8) 8:15

3-22-13 All School Mass (Gr.2) 8:15

Please attend the Mass of your choice Saturday or Sunday

Important Dates


15 – Friday - Stations 1:30 PM

- Fish Fry 4:30 PM

- Bingo 7:00 PM

16-17 - State Governors Cup competition at the Galt House

19 – Tuesday - Market Day Pick-Up 6:00 PM

21 – Thursday - 6th Grade Family Lunch 12:00 PM

22 – Friday - All School Mass (Grade 2) 8:15 AM

- 8th Grade Cookie Sale

- Stations 1:30 PM

- Fish Fry 4:30 PM

- Bingo 7:00 PM

11-22 - Terra Nova Testing

23 - Governors Cup Regional competition at St. Mary Academy

25-Monday - Parish Council Meeting 7:00 PM

28 - Holy Thursday

29 - Good Friday

30 - Holy Saturday

31 - Easter


1-5 - Spring Break

News from the Classroom

Eighth Grade

8th Grade

  • started a new chapter in Algebra. We have already taken a quiz and are charging forward.
  • In Science they worked on some amazing websites that will be available for all to see very soon. Mr. Dooley and I collaborated on the project and will be grading those together.

7th Grade
  • Just started a new chapter in Math, not a ton of grades to input at the moment for that class but there is some homework. We just took a test and will be taking a quiz next Tuesday.
  • In Science they just took a test as well. They also watched the film "Inherit the Wind" and we had a class discussion project that will count as a project grade. They all did a very good job on it.

6th Grade
  • just took a Math test and we are currently in the new chapter.
  • In Science they did a group webquest on fossils and we are two sections into a chapter, so a test will be upcoming in the coming week.

Thanks all. Any questions, email me.

Mr. Streble

State Governor's Cup Competition

Below are the students who be competing in the State Governors Cup competition at the Galt House.

March 16th
Brianna Bragg-Composition

March 17th at 5:00 PM
Brianna Bragg-Written Assessment
Amber Miller-Written Assessment
Madison Wilson-Written Assessment

Congratulations to the 4th and 5th Governors Cup Team and their coaches and moderators, Ms. McClinton, Mr. Zimmerman and Mrs. Towles! We have several students who will be at the Regional Competition on Saturday Science at St. Mary Academy. The following students will compete at the Regional.

Billy Schnieders - First Place - Math

Jackson Bland - Fourth Place - Science and Fourth Place - Social Studies

Michael Brown - Second Place - Social Studies

Savannah Maupin - Fourth Place - Arts and Humanities

Jillian Ward - First Place - Arts and Humanities

Madalynn Nalley - Third Place - Arts and Humanities

Maddie Emerson - Fourth Place - Composition Maddie will compete on March 19th

Archdiocese Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Madison Wilson for going to the 4th round in the recent archdiocese spelling bee! This is as far as we have ever had a student go and are very proud of her accomplishment.

Fish Fry - March 15, 2013

Fish Fry Dinners

You are invited to our regular Friday Lenten Fish Fry dinners.

The Fish Fry Committee is composed school parents, parishioners and other parish organizations. The entire parish community is helping support this function.

All of us working together will ensure the financial success of these fish fry's and we will achieve our goal.

3/15 - 1st, 7th & 4th Grade Families,

Your class is responsible to provide adult workers for the Fish Fry on February 22nd. Please let me know when you can work. You may sign up for the following times:

4:00 -6:00 PM - 10 adults

6:00-8:00 PM - 10 adults

8:00-9:00 PM - 10 adults

We also need cakes, pies, etc for cake wheel. If you work and bring in a cake your child will receive two dresses down days (1 for working and 1 for cake).

Please let me now as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made.

Thanks, Kevin Brever

3/22 - 2nd, 6th, 5th & Kindergarten

St. Paul Fish Fry Menu 2013

Fried Fish Dinner

2 piece of fish, bread, 2 sides, hushpuppies, fruit, tea or coffee $9.00

Baked Fish Dinner

2 piece of fish over rice, 2 sides, hushpuppies, fruit, tea or coffee $9.00

Shrimp Basket Dinner

Shrimp, 2 sides, hushpuppies, fruit, tea or coffee $9.00

Child/Senior Fish Dinner

1 piece of fish, bread, 1 side, hushpuppies, fruit, tea or coffee $7.00

Fried Fish Sandwich

2 piece of fish, bread $6.00

Baked Fish over Rice

2 piece of fish, rice $6.00

Shrimp Basket $6.00

Pan Fried Oysters $3.00

Rolled Oyster $3.00

Onion Rings $2.50

Cheese Pizza Slice $1.50

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $1.00

Choice of Side Items (Ala Carte $1.50)

Macaroni and Cheese Baked Potato

Cole Slaw Rice

French Fries Fried Pickles

Green Beans

Extra Hushpuppies (3 for $0.50)

Credit Cards Accepted

Drinks Available at the Bar, Soft Drinks and Beer are Sold Separately, Free Refills on Tea or Coffee