By Andrea Perez

My dream vacation

My dream vacation is Hawaii.its my dream vacation because it is beautiful .my dream vacation is located about 3784 miles !! There is 10 reasons that will make me go to Hawaii 1 perfect climate,total relaxation family friendly,beautiful scenery romance in the air fun for all,incredible nightlife,fantastic food adrenaline rush,and lots of shopping

My travel

to get to my destination from Houston to Hawaii it takes about 7 hours,54 minutes.To Houston to Hawaii 3,794 miles.Someone special will go with me like my friends like Pilar Ariana and Adrian I think we would go in plane because it would be eassy and fat for every one.I think about 1 weeks to have fun.

The lodging

I think we all would go to an awesome place.We would go to Hilton Waikoloa Village.the place i chose is amassing theirs a lot of things to do like sports,3 swimming pools,dolphin encounters,watersports in the lagoon and many other tings.The only thing we would need to pack to Hawaii is clothes towels flip flops and things we would need for the fun in Hawaii.

The cost

My trip will cost about $704 per day.We would be paying $4928.They give deli shes food tropical .i think i will stay stuck with the fruit.The airfare we still don't know but we well fix it.

Activities to do

Tings we would do is do watersports gather all day.We could go visit at Pearl Harbor.we would be having lots of fun ,and visiting knew places in Hawaii.things in my Hawaii we could visit is Diamond Head,Molokini

Facts about Hawaii

Facts about Hawaii is that Hawaii is in the central pacific ocean.Hawaii is around of lots of water waterfalls ect...Hawaii is capital is Hanalolo