For Sale! Barbed Wire!

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Best fencing around! Works great against cowboys and cattle herds!

Developed by Lucien B. Smith of Kent, Ohio in 1867, this revolutionary fencing system has been laid over the entire Midwest. Why be left out of the loop?! Get some today!

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On sale now!! $2 per 100 lbs. We guarantee the best prices anywhere! Buy now!!

Barbed wire is easier to put up than alternative fencing options and cheaper too! Large settlements can be closed in with the smallest amount of wire. This new material consists of small, sharp-edged coils of wire held in place by two tightly wound wires fastened to a post. Even though barbed wire is less expensive, it works even better than any other fence you use! It holds off runaway cows, deer, and other pesky varmints!

American Steel and Wire Company

Founded by Joseph Glidden, Jacob Haish, Charles Francis Washburn, and Isaac L. Ellwood in 1873.

Barbed wire changed the landscape of fencing for the farmers of the Midwest. Barbed wire was so easy to make that it was cheap to sell as well. In fact, it's still around today. The founders of the American Steel and Wire Company were constantly inventing new ways to improve and strengthen the wire they made so now, we have an efficient and effective way to keep unwanted people and animals off of our land or to keep them in. Barbed wire is one of the most important inventions for farmers from the 19th century.