Putting America on 4 wheels

Right after World War 2 and passenger cars were being produced people began racing to see who was faster, before you knew it, Americans began making their own home made Hot Rods.

When racing became popular, car companies took notice and wanted in on it so they started making cars with more power such as this

Chevy Corvette, Chevy Classic V8, Chrysler 300E


Muscle cars started to die down for a few years until it's golden age came along.
0-100mph Shelby Cobra

Ford Mustang wins the market

Ford's General Manager had envisioned a compact Muscle Car to be America's next hot item, and it was!

The Ford Mustang was built on a Ford Falcon platform thus lowering the cost of the Pony.

The Mustang came with many options allowing the customer to buy to their desired taste.

22,000 Ponies were sold on it's first day and 1 million ponies in 2 years.

It was adored for it's long hood, short trunk styling, many options, and Low Price!

Let's talk Muscle

Everyone loved the 271 bhp V8, but those who craved for more was Caroll Shelby teaming up with Ford to make the Shelby GT-350.

It had 360 bhp, no back seats, and available only in white.

As years passed Mustangs got stronger, lighter, and better

In 1969 Ford produced the Mustang Boss.

Sadly the Mustang would die a slow and painful death as it could'nt make government standards, and when the All-New Mustang debuted in 74' it would just a car for boring

people who think they have a real muscle car but in reality Ford had no claims to performance.

1965 Shelby GT350 R

The Fantastic Camaro

The First Generation Camaro was built from 67' - 69'.

The first Camaro had a Unibody structure with a 3 speed-Manual 230 ci 6 cylinder engine squeezing 140 hp all at a cost of about $2,500.

Later drivers had the option to pick 2 awesome packages( RS, and SS).

The engines could range from 155 hp, 325 hp and 375 hp.

Also they could choose a 4 speed or Automatic transmission.

The (RS) Rally Sport brought deluxe interior trim and hidden headlights.

The (SS) Super Sport pumped high performance with vents, bumble bee stripes with tougher suspension.

Both packages could be combined as the top-notch RS/SS.

The Last Greatest year for the Camaro

The 69' Camaro was redesigned with beautifal fenders, door skins, rear quarter panels,

grille and taillights creating the car's appearance much lower and wider; a redesigned dashboard and comfy seats were also added.

The 69' was recognized as the greatest Camaro ever.

Chevy produced it's second Pace Car with orange stripes.

In addition two of the most radical Camaro editions were added to the line in extremely limited numbers.

One was a basic Camaro stuffed with 427 cubic inches in a pure-iron big block pumping an amazing 425 hp.

But the other Camaro was even more rarer with the legendary Aluminum zl-1427 squeezing 425 hp, not to mention it's incredibly low weight making it the most quickest and most valuable Camaro to be ever be built.

1969 Pro-Touring Camaro Burnout

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