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Special Annual Performance Report Edition 10/23/15

What is APR (Annual Performance Report)?

MSIP 5 is used to distinguish the performance of schools and districts in valid, accurate and meaningful ways so that districts in need of improvement can receive appropriate support and interventions, and high-performing districts can be recognized as models of excellence. Annual Performance Reports (APRs) are based on the performance standards and are reviewed for accreditation purposes at the district level. The State also produces APRs for schools and charter LEAs to support its goal of empowering all stakeholders in manners appropriate to their roles through regular communication and transparent reporting of results.

How Did Fulton Public Schools Measure Up?

The Standards used to compute APR for all Districts are as follows:

1. Academic Achievement

2. Subgroup Achievement

3. College and Career Readiness

4. Attendance

5. Graduation Rate

The Fulton Public Schools continues to be fully accredited by the State of Missouri. While we are extremely pleased with the progress in the scores for 2015, there is always room for improvement. Fulton Public Schools will continue to strive to improve by the student by the standard.

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How Did the State Measure Up?

Most Missouri school districts are meeting state standards with 98 percent fully accredited. As a state, we continue to focus on reaching high standards and helping ALL students graduate ready for college and careers. The state’s accountability system, the Missouri School Improvement Program – or MSIP 5, promotes continuous improvement within each district. Districts and charters are making progress on graduation rates, college and career ready measures and attendance rates indicating that Missouri students are being better prepared for life after high school. The Annual Performance Report (APR) uses multiple measures and multiple years of data to provide an accurate and meaningful look at districts and charter schools.

Statewide School District Performance in 2015

**35 school districts earned 100 percent of the points possible.

**98 percent of school districts scored in the fully accredited range which is 70-100 percent of the points.

**68 percent of school districts earned 90 percent or more of the points on the APR (up from 53.7% in 2014).

**8 school districts scored in the provisional range between 50 to 69.9 percent of the points earned.

**1 school district earned below 50 percent which is in the unaccredited range.

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