Eye Contact

by Christopher Munoz-Rocha

Define Eye Contact

The law of "Eye contact" will basically make you look at your audience when giving a speech so it doesn't look like you're a big weirdo talking to a smart board or note cards.

Purpose of Eye Contact

The purpose of this law is to help the audience better understand you as well as getting to know the community you're speaking to.

What it Looks and Sounds Like

Eye contact will just be a silent stare down at your fellow friends or strangers for how long you want to talk to them. Obviously, eye contact will be during your speech unless it'll just be awkward.
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Tips and Advice

Some tips would be to remember most of your speech so you don't keep looking at your note cards or smart board while you have the speech. Another would be don't just stare at a group of friends or at the back of the classroom and look all directions.