By: Laurie Halse Anderson

Isabel and Exposition

Isabel is a sweet girl ,but when it's about her little sister, (Ruth) she gets real mad when her sister gets in the middle of a bad problem. She gets in the problem and try's to defend her as much she can. She a true-hearted girl that defends anybody that she loves with all her heart.


Setting- New York Island

Characters- Isabel, Ruth, Lady Seymour, the Master, and his Wife

Plot and rising action

Plot: The plot based around the true story of George Washington and the battle between the Patriots and the British.

Rising Action:

- When Isabel and Ruth go to their mothers funeral and after the funeral their Master sold them away to someone that lives in New York Island.

- She went to the British to them that her Master was saying something about killing George Washington, so the head Commander asked Isabel if she was tell the true. So the next night she was serving her Master and his friends again and at the same time she was eavesdropping in the conversation. In the morning she grabbed the note that talked about the killing of George Washington.

- Her Master got arrested, because of the crimes he did against the British

Climax and Falling Action

Climax- One morning she woke up and next to her was where Ruth slept ,but Ruth never woke up before Isabel. Isabel was the one who wakes up Ruth. So he ran down the stairs and asked the Master's wife if she seen Ruth she said yes, but with a twisted answer. She told her t they sold Ruth somewhere that was not on the Island

Falling Action- One night the world was so peaceful, but when Isabel headed outside that moment, the only thing she saw was people and the wooden house on fire. So she ran to Lady Seymour's house that was around the block and her house was on fire too Isabel,stormed inside the house, and saw Lady Seymour with her leg stuck under a chuck of wood. She lifted the wood off her leg and got her outside just in time and seated her by a tree and when Isabel looked around the town she saw people with their skin all burnt like bacon. So the next day everyone that survived the might was saying that the fire started in a nearby Butcher shop or the Patriots set it themselves.


The resolution is that Isabel gets rest on peace and know where she is she can watch over Ruth, because that is what she always want to do.


This book is about to sisters (Isabel and Ruth) that their just pasted away and so they have been sold to a different owner . So now they have to sail to New York Island to discovery their new live. Was the weeks go by their Master sets up a meeting with his former collegies