Life During The New Deal

Tim Smith & Rashard Warfield

Roles of Women During the new Deal

- Eleanor Roosevelt played a major role in FDR's presidency

- France Perkins was the first woman to head an executive department i national gov.

- Women were leaders in many new deal.

Roles of African Americans

The Black Cabinet acted as an unofficial adviser to the presidents . The new Deal programs left largely unchallenged the discrimination that African Americans faced in the larger society. Roosevelt respect African Americans by saying " He was at the mercy of southern Democrats in Congress . William Hastie became the first black federal judge in U.S. History .

Artists During this Time

- Dorothea Lange was a photographer that recorded images of jobless people

- James Agee- writer that took pictures of sharecroppers in the South

- Walker Evans- took pictures of rural poverty and those struggling

Movies ...

- 80 million Americans attended a movie each week

- The Bride of Frankenstein

- King Kong

- Wizard of Oz

All were popular forms of entertainment

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Radio ...

- Radio had an important role because it gave Americans news, music and sports to American's homes

- Popular radio show was the Lone Ranger

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-Jazz , Swing Music i the 1930s

-Jitterbugs and the Lindy pop

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Sports ....

-Joe Luis was a famous knockout boxer in the 1930s

-Babe Ruth famous baseball player in this time went to the hall of fame died

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