by chelsea

what is the drug

cocaine is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtain from the leaves of the coca plant

how is the drug taken into the body

cocaine is taken in by inhaling and it is smoked.

slang/street names for drug

  1. aunt aunt nora
  2. baseball, baseballing
  3. beam
  4. blow

short term effects

intense depression ,edginess and a craving for more of the drug ,loss of appetite ,increase heart rate ,blood pressure body temperature,contracted blood vessel ,dilated pupils disturbed sleeping patterns, nausea, hyperstimulation ,bizarre,erratic,sometime violent behavior ,hallucinations ,hyperexcitability ,irritability ,tactile hallucination that creates the illusion of bug burrowing under the skin,intense euphoria ,anxiety and paranoia ,intense drug craving ,panic and psychosis and convulsion ,seizures and sudden death from high dose (even one time)

long term effects

permanent damage to blood vessel of heart and brain

high blood pressure leading to heart attack .strokes and death

liver ,kidney and lung damage

destruction of tissue in nose if sniffed

respiratory failure if smoked

infectious diseases and abscesses if injected

malnutrition ,weight loss

severe tooth decay

auditory and tactile hallucinations

sexual problems,reproductive damage (for both men and women )

disorientation ,apathy ,confused

irritability and mood disturbances

increased frequency of risky behavior

delirium or psychosis

severe depression

tolerance and addiction (even after one use)

signs of abuse

a need to increase the disage to get the same effect

suffering from mild withdrawal symptoms when the high wears off

difficulty with stopping use of the drug

using the drug more frequently and using more of it

deoendence /addiction

loss of smell


difficuly swalliong


a chronically runny nose





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