Staff Notes for LaPerche Leaders

Update for LaPerche Educators--September 7 , 2015

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Staff Meeting--Tuesday, September 8, 2015

We will begin our Staff Meeting by visiting different classrooms and leaving a note about one fantastic area you see in each class.

At 3:35 please proceed to the following classrooms, take a look around and leave the teacher a note on his/her desk about something that wowed you!

Lauren, Deb, Celine and Barbara will visit Melissa, Jana, Spec. ed room and Jimmy's classrooms.

Sarah, Amy, Dawn and Lena will visit Laura, Deb, Library, and Erica's classrooms.

Megan, Chris, Sandy, and Dennis will visit Lauren, Lena's and Art/Music room.

Erica, Julie, Melissa and Jana will visit Speech/Reading, Megan, Sarah and Dawn's rooms.

Lori, Heather F, and Laura will visit Julie, Chris, and Dennis' classrooms.

Any rooms or people I forgot? Please let me know!!

By 3:50 please be back in the library. Please bring your black safety bag, a pen, two different colored highlighters ( you can share) and an electronic device.

Communication--It's One of Our Schoolwide Goals!!

Please remember to drop me a copy of any newsletters you send home to your families. Also, I would be happy to proof newsletters before you send them out if you want someone to give them a second read. Thank you to those of you who have already dropped a copy in my mailbox.

Communicating with your families will set your class on the right foot. Parents want to brag about all of the awesome things taking place in class but they can't if they are uninformed. If you have not sent home a welcome letter, please do so this week.

If you send electronic newsletters, please copy me on them or forward to me. Thank you!!

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Reading A to Z

Great news---we are getting Reading A to Z again this year. Account details are coming soon!!

School Website and Classroom Blogs/Websites

Please review the Staff Directory page on the school website to ensure I have all of your information correct. Here is the link:

Also, do you have a blog/or website for your class? Send me the link and I can post it there.