Changing Careers

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Step-one Considering a Change (Explore your options)

When you are considering a change in your career you should explore your options. One of the first things you should begin to do is assess your values, think about the work you'd like to do, and determine how much you need to make. According to some tips for considering a change are:

  • Consider your feelings about your current job.
  • Focus on your talents and strengths.
  • Highlight your transferable skills
  • Know the requirements
  • Network and do your research
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Develop a Plan (Mapping Your Moves)

In this step you should begin looking at companies that fit these values, or even look for a different position in the same company. This step is the one your start asking yourself what going to be different this time around. You need to be thinking about the skills and tasks your enjoy the most, and how you can use the skills you already have in new ways.
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Making the Change (Burning Down No Bridges)

In this step you must make sure to leave on a good note. Don't jump up and yell I quit one day in the middle of your workplace. Instead you should give your current employer at least two weeks notice that your are leaving. You should also begin asking questions in this step like where they provide funds from profit sharing or pension plans. Another question to ask would be whether they provide payment for unused vacations days.
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Beginning the New Journey (Showcase Your Experience)

In this step you will be beginning your new job. With that I must tell your that it is vital you make a great first impression on new employer and fellow employees because first impression often become long-term perceptions or reputations. According to some tips for beginning your new journey are:

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Dress professionally/Blend in with your co-workers
  • Show your team spirit
  • Learn co-workers names quickly

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