Photo shop

by Caleb Kim


Adobe photoshop is a digital photo editor with a variety of tools to use. I chose to use photoshop because I wanted to know how people make these amazing creation that I see online and I thought that photoshop would be good way to find out. I think this is important to me because no one else in my family can use photoshop and it will open up different opportunities to school projects.

My first picture

My first picture is of an eye and I just messed around with photoshop and using a color balance and made the picture a purple pinkish. Afterwards I wanted to try to put fire in the eye so I looked up how to online and put the fire in they eye and shrunk it down to a small enough size.


Using the color balance changes the color of everything on the canvas so I figured out a better way. By using the quick selection tool (a tool that lets me highlight certain areas on one layer) I can Select an area and choose the color replacement tool and color the highlighted area. When I use the color correction tool i choose a color and I draw over an area which changes the color just like the color balance just in one area


In order to find out how to do these things on photoshop I mainly messed around with the different tools and if I needed to find out something specific i looked it up online. Mainly the sites I used were Yahoo answers or Wiki answers, it sounds sort of dumb, but it worked.


The best way to learn is probably look up tutorials or learn it from someone else. If your too lazy to do that (ex. me) then find out the most basic things first by messing around with photoshop, and then build on top that slowly learning more complicated things.

Dog Horse

In this picture combined a dog's head and a horse's body to make a dog horse. It didn't turn out as well as i expected because the dog was bad quality and I couldn't find the prefect coloring to match the dog and the horse.


I made a picture where only one flower had color and the rest were black and white, but I got bored so I messed around with some tools and on the smudge tool i clicked on the black and white layer and smudged the color part to the black and white to create an interesting type of picture.

What now?

I did learn a decent amount of things these past couple weeks, but I think I can build on top of that which I probably will this summer because my sister got here new camera and I want to try photoshopping the photos she takes and not random ones I find online. also, I am not doing much this summer so I have a lot of time to learn more about photoshop.