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Week of September 21st, 2015


The students are exploring a new resource that was shared with me. It is called EPIC! and is available on the app store. Epic! is the only kids' eBook subscription service that offers thousands of high-quality books from well known publishers like Harper Collins, National Geographic and many others. It is free to educators, so we have loaded Epic! on our iPads and the kids now have even more books to choose from to read. Books are provided based on their interest profile, so kids that like to read mysteries are given mysteries, and kids that like to read about sports are provided with sports books. There is a wonderful variety of fiction and non-fiction titles. We will be using this during our Reading rotation or centers times, however the students have access to these books during Independent Reading time as well. Many of them are AR. The students have asked if they can access it at home. Unfortunately, they would have to use my login information to access it at home, but if you as a parent want to sign up, you can access it free for 60 days and then it is $4.99/month after that. The code for the free 60-day trial is EPICREADS. Check it out at The kids are pretty excited about it.


This week we read an expository nonfiction story called, Shutting Out the Sky, which told the story about a boy named Marcus who immigrated into America in hopes of living a luxurious, wealthy life. Upon arrival he realized he would have to work to afford his apartment rent, and therefore became a peddler selling chocolates. I normally assign the students a parent interview to spark a discussion on where our own families came from. If you haven't talked about it this week with them, take some time to visit with him/her about your family's history. I was able to share with them some information about my husband's family and how his descendants were supposed to travel on the Titanic but circumstances kept them from boarding that ship. We also read stories about Hamburgers and Tacos and how they were brought to America from another country.

The students have been doing an excellent job with Reading Plus. Many of the students are earning combos - getting several 80%+ on their questions, which is super! Many of them are moving up reading levels already in jus the few weeks we have been going with the program. It is also great to see how much participation in the program has been going on at home.

It is important to make sure your child is making time to read at home. We don't have reading logs at this point, but it is so important for students to read a minimum of 15-20 minutes a night. Even if they aren't reading their AR book, they can read the newspaper, magazines, etc. Check out this video to see why Reading is so important!

Tomie dePaola: Why Reading is Important


by Cael S.

This year twenty kids are out for band. We have two drummers, one flute, three clarinets, four saxophones, five trumpets, two trombones, one French horn, one baritone, and one tuba. Our teacher Mrs. Beck is a great teacher, and she's very funny. I think were going to be a great band!

Animal Adaptations

by Gannon G.

Animal adaptations are things that help the type of animal in its habitat. For instance a harp seal has a white fur coat to keep warm and also hide from predators. In a harp seals eyes they are like goggles so water and salt in the water stay out of them. They can go without food for 6 weeks! Their blubber helps the fur coat grow to stay warm.

Thank you to all of the parents that donated materials for our Science lab. The kids had so much fun! And yes, it did get a little messy!
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