A Mid Summer's Night Dream

Act 3 & 5. Scene 1-2. Lines 345-405

Summary of the Scene

Oberon witnesses how poorly Demetrius treats Helena and he wanted to help. He sends his loyal servant, Puck, to find a love potion and use it on Demetrius. But Puck confuses Demetrius with Lysander by mistake and they both fall in love with Helena. Both men prepare to fight for her.

Character Analysis

Puck: He is responsible for putting a love potion on Demetrius and making him fall in love with Helena. Puck encounters the difficulty of following Oberon's specific instructions. Puck accidently puts a love potion on the wrong man, which advances the plot further. Puck's Character trait of confidence affects the plot by enabling him to imitate each man to prevent them from fighting.

Demetrius: He adds to the conflict by loving Hermia. He is experiencing an external conflict when he is in love with a women who is in love with another man. His stubbornness prevents him from seeing anything outside of his love.

O'beron-he is important because he decides to put the love potion to make Demetrius fall in love with Helena. He faces puck not putting the potion on the right person so he has to make a potion to reverse all of the other spells. His confidence affects the conflict by having confidence in Puck even though he failed the first time.

Lysander- Lysander is significant because he has a potion put on his eyes and falls in love with Hermia. Demitrius ha the same potion put on his eyes so he loves Hermia and this causes Lysander and Demitrius to fight. Lysander is about to fight with Hermia. His obliviousness because he is unaware that he is under a spell that makes him love Demitrius.