Bexar County by Tomas Hirth


Bexar County Background

Bexar County was first occupied or founded by the Tonkawas,Lipan Apaches but later in 1691,Spain explorers came like Domingo Teran de Los rios.They settled the area and then made the first mission there San Juan Bautista but then a another Spanish explorer came named Espinosa came and made one presidio named San Antonio De Bexar to guard San Antonio De Valero but later a another mission named San Francisco Xavier De Naxar in 1722 but failed and joined San Antonio de Valero.The missions were unsuccessful in 1730s and then fell apart from Comanches.Then Mexico won independence from Spain in 1810.Then Mexico made empresario contracts and move settlers into Texas but settlers felt they were treated unfair so they got made and made conventions and consultations.San Antonio de bexar was a capital when leaders came but more importantly the route lead straight into Texas and was a key in Texas Revolt and The Battle of the Alamo took place for that route and key into Texas in 1835 but Texas lost.Texas also eventually gained independence from Spain 1842 and started forming county's and provinces and Texas eventually reformed Bexar County to become what it is today.

Historical attractions and key places to visit

Here are some great places to visit or must do's The Alamo is a amazing place to visit and must do.Also be sure to visit Santa Anna Palace,missions,Fort Sam Houston and the Lackland Air Base.If you want to have real fun be sure to go to the famous Majestic the theater.One of the best art schools in Texas would be the Southwest Art School.Also the San Antonio Cathedral is a must do along with a amazing river walk in San Antonio but one of my favorites again is all the missions they set up.
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