Florida College Tour

Feb 17-19, 2016

Educational Pursuit College Tour February 2016!

It's finally here! The Educational Pursuit Florida College Tour registration is now open! Join us for an amazing and

educational three days as we tour some of the most prominent

Florida universities on the...19th annual

Florida College Tour

February 17,18,19, 2016

Cost: $359


«Take a tour of each college campus!

«Meet with admissions officers!

«Tour the dorms!

«Meals at the student dining halls!

«Visit the student unions!

« Tour led by a college advisor!

To sign up: https://www-151g.bookeo.com/bookeo/b_saveTime.html?ncs=npke96cmet&arnd=ylxftw

Conservatory Prep Schools endorses Educational Pursuit's College Tour. Please note that all payment and supervision is through Educational Pursuit.