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What is it? Earthquake(s)- The vibration of earth produeced by the rapid release of energy.

What causes it? fault- fractures in the earths where the movment occurred

Where do they occur? Most earthquakes occur along the oceanic & continental plates. BUt Earthquakes DO occur all the time all over the world,.

Can it be predicted? How? *new study* must look for uplift, subsidence, strain near active faults, water pressure in wells,& radon emissions and or , based on past earthquakes

How can we prevent people from dying?

What can you do in your own home to prepare?

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What Was The Cause Of The Disaster ?

It Was Considered A Natural Disaster

When? April 18 1906 San Francisco, CA

More Than 3,000 Died

3 Interesting Facts from this disaster

  • Ranks 1 of the worst natural disasters in US history and 1 of the most important earthquakes of all times.
  • Spent $90 million on reconstruction

  • Fires burned for three days & three nights, some were as hot as 2,700°F. The fires were more disruptive than the earthquake itself.