SWS Update--May 4

recent questions...

...here are some FAQs as of late (and let me know if I missed anything) :

  • When will parents be able to get student belongings from the classrooms? Because of social distancing, we have had to spread out when teachers are able to get into rooms to try and organize and wrap things up for end of year. Once that is complete, I will be in touch with dates and times. This will most likely be done alphabetically and at some point in early June.
  • What about library books, etc? When we set up dates for parents to pick up items in June, there will be bins to drop off library books, text books, etc.
  • What about next year? Dr. Scanlon emailed parents with some thoughts for how the start of next year could play out, but essentially we do not know at this point. We are as hopeful as you are for a return to normalcy!
  • What about yearbooks & school toolbox orders? Our plan is to have a time when people can pick up their Yearbooks from school or they can be delivered to your home. Same with Toolbox orders at the start of next year. Both are able to be ordered below...
  • What about Medicines still at school? Mrs. Doyle reached out to any family who still has meds stored in her office. Please reply to her that you want them to be kept at school over the summer, or email me to set up a time to pick them up in the next week or so.

Yearbook Orders

To purchase a copy, just go to SWSYearbookOrder,

and enter your school code 177271. Order deadline is June 15.

*Reminder: 5th graders will receive a complimentary yearbook!

If you would like to pay by check,

please make it out to Starkweather PTO and

send the check to 10 W. Rhodes Avenue, West Chester, PA 19382.

We will plan a yearbook pick up at some point Mid-late June.

Once we get the logistics down, we will let you know the details!

Reach out if you have any questions!

School Tool Box Orders-April 20 to June 21

School Tool Box has the teacher approved list and is the simplest way to get all your school supplies for the Fall! Plus, your order supports the charity, Feed My Staving Children. Just click SWSToolBox to place your order today! Orders will be shipped directly to school.

In the instance that school doesn't open as planned, we will be looking into a direct shipping or parent pick up option.

How to Stay SAFE!! Some resources from Mrs. Doyle

Since so many kids are spending much more time out and around in the neighborhoods, Mrs. Doyle will be updating this list of resources each week!

  • It looks like we will be in for some good weather in the coming week. With the rain making everything grow, and the kids going back out to play, it is a good time to remind everyone of Ticks! Below please find some links for information about Ticks and Lyme disease. The videos are short and good reminders for the kids to be aware of ticks and to know how to protect themselves. The Kidshealth.org site is good for the older children and parents; lots of information and additional resources on the side bar.




  • It looks like we will have a few stay inside days this week so it may be a good time to get into your kitchen with the kids and do some cooking. Cooking can teach your children so many things! Measurement (Math), Nutrition (Health), How things work (Science), just to name a few. Perhaps you have an old family recipe passed down through the generations. You can make it with the children and they can learn about their heritage! Or, perhaps you can google some of the ingredients you have at home (stay safe!) and find a new recipe you have never tried. Have some fun, make a mess and enjoy the art of cooking with the kids. Stay Safe!

  • Looking for some BIKE SAFETY video?


Click CALENDAR to see which days are At-Home-Learning days and which are Teacher Planning Days.

Between now and Memorial day, they are essentially M-Th student days and Fri for planning days.


These plans are now imbedded in the classroom teacher templates, along with the link for HOMEroom Announcements to help with some 'one-stop-shopping' for families.


I am very thankful that I have gotten that question over and over again. This situation hits all of us very differently.

As of now, I have been advised that the best way to support the community would be to donate to the Chester County Food Bank.

If we end up having a specific program for our SWS families, we will let you know.


LOOKING for some PBIS-ness at home??

Here is a simple way to try and infuse some of our wording and expectations into your at-home learning.

Click PBIS at HOME and check it out.

Morning Announcments???? Really?

Yep, I am going to try my best to post morning announcements each day.

Check out SWS TWITTER for the latest...and trust me, I need some help with the Joke of the Day!!!

WHAT I'VE BEEN HEARING...the list keeps growing!

  • As this rolls on and on, it is remarkable how much school is missed, on so many levels and for so many reasons. (parent)

  • We’re grateful for the consistent structure and doable lessons that give the kids a bit of normalcy with school. We sure MISS Starkweather and there teachers like crazy. (parent)

  • I'd like to say thank you to you and all the teachers who are helping our kiddos keep some kind of normalcy during this crazy time. (parent)

  • Definitely appreciate you all more then ever!!!! It’s a lot of work...lol! (parent)

  • Your staff are doing an awesome job with the online teaching. (parent)

  • They definitely miss their teachers and school, and I can't give enough kudos for their teachers' hard work and patience. (parent)

  • It's actually nice to see them doing "simpler" things like climbing trees, making forts, going hiking, and using their imaginations. (parent)

  • Being done for the year was the worst news, even though we knew it was coming our way. (staff)

  • You are the Teachers and staff have been doing a tremendous job and it saddens me that our kids dont get to say goodbye for the summer. (parent)

  • Super impressed by Starkweather during this transition time. Teachers have been amazing with communication, flexibility and support in every aspect! (parent)

  • Every morning my child is greeted by her teacher(s) who continue to spread positive energy in the "classroom", manage to keep a smile on her face, enthusiasm in her voice, and what seems like an endless amount of patience and understanding for student questions and learning curves during this transition time. (parent)

  • I hope you and your family are safe and well. Just wanted to thank you and the 2nd Grade team for being amazing and organized – making this a successful transition to home school. And, most important in handling everything so pragmatically and calmly as not to add any stress to the kids....as technology crashes around us. (parent)

  • I never thought I would miss school...but I REALLY DO!!! (student)

  • Thank you for everything you are doing!! You are all working so hard to keep life as “normal" as possible. We really appreciate it! (parent)

  • I. MISS. THEM. (staff)

  • You and your staff are doing a great job during these trying times, and I really appreciate all the effort it takes to pull this all together. (parent)

  • OMG...never would have thought I would miss the kids this much...this is unreal! (staff)
  • Mr. Meanix, thank your staff from us, please! What we have been getting so far has been awesome! (parent)
  • Very impressed with the organization and effort--great job! (board member)
  • Thank you ALL for supporting our students! I know this isn't easy, but I still feel supported as a parent in the district. (parent)
  • To be apart from the kids like this is so hard! Can't wait to get back! (staff)
  • Can you tell the teachers we miss them? (student)
  • First of all - thank you for everything you & the teachers are doing. As someone who works remotely with a global team, I definitely appreciate the logistical and technical challenges on a good day when you are used to this...I can only imagine what an adjustment this is for you & your whole team. If there is ever anything I can to do help, please don't hesitate to reach out. (parent)
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Have a little one at home? Will he or she be 5 years old before Sept 1, 2020? Now is the time to register for the 2020-2021 school year!

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