Bad Girls Don't Die

Katie Alender

About this book

Outcast Alexis thinks she is just a normal bad girl that just doesn't fit in with all of the cheerleaders but she soon realizes that isn't the case. Her doll crazy 13 year old sister, Kasey, begins to act very strange as if playing with dolls at 13 isn't strange enough. Her eyes turn blue, doors shut behind her, and stoves turn on without touch. Alexis then knows she isn't the crazy one with the help from Megan Wiley. The cheerleader with a sad past that may be able to save the people on Kasey's list, but it may not be Kasey's.


Takes place mostly at Alexis's house, the library and school.

Main characters are Alexis, Megan and Kasey.

The genre is most likely horror.

I would give this book four out of four stars.

I would recommend this book for any scary story lovers.

The lexile level is 670 for ages 14-18.

More of a modern day setting, the present.