Eagle Flyer

November 2020

Dear Rosa Parks Families and Friends,

Welcome to November!

Fall has been in the air. The leaves are changing color and falling off the trees. Yes that means it is leaf raking time. Great family fun! Enjoy being together.

Our days should be focused on what we GET TO instead of what we HAVE TO do. Life is a gift, not an obligation. - Jon Gordon

Kudos to all of You!

These last 2 weeks we have worked together so hard to have things in place for the 1st nine weeks coming to a close. Teachers sent several reminders to all of you about helping your child to get their work turned in. Your child's report card will be a reflection of your child's mastery of standards. If your child has not turned in enough work to show mastery of standards, your child will receive an NG on their report card. If your child goes back and completes the required assignments, the teacher can recalculate the grade. Please communicate these needs with your child's teacher.

Moving forward it is going to be important that work is completed on time. Teachers need to be able to properly assess students to determine the individual learning needs of each child. Your collaboration with the teacher is so important. Again, we want to thank you for everything you are doing each and everyday. All of us are striving to be the best version of ourselves! We should never settle for mediocrity. We should always strive for EXCELLENCE!

Last week our 2nd-5th graders took an assessment called MAPS. While this test was difficult, our students have taken this test before. Last year all 1st-5th graders took this test. There is no penalty to the child for taking the test. The test let's us know our students' strengths and areas of need. It helps teachers plan individual instruction for each child. I did speak to the children on Friday, October 30th, about the test and let them know I am proud of them and I know that they did their best. Please let me know if you have any questions about the test. I am happy to discuss.

Students should be turning their cameras on during live instruction with their teachers. Teachers need to see engagement and assess understanding of content. If a child does not turn on their camera, it is difficult for the teacher to properly assess the learning of your child. Please encourage your student to secure a learning space where they are maintaining their full attention to the teacher. Thank you for helping to set your child up for success.

Some students will be switching classroom teachers at the beginning of the second quarter. We appreciate your flexibility and collaboration with us. As mentioned in an earlier Eagle Flyer, we tried to set up all virtual classrooms and classrooms where parents indicated that they wanted their child to return to the building in a 50/50 Hybrid model. Class sizes warranted changes along with the parents' completion of a second survey. Mrs. Menjivar spoke to most of you over the phone if we had to make a change. We will be working next week to make those changes in the Hub (the Hub is the Student Information System that translates to ParentVue.) As soon as those changes are made in the Hub, you will be notified by someone from the school. It could be the new classroom teacher, a school messenger, or a phone call from the office. It will take 24 hours for the Hub to sync with and transfer new information to Canvas. Please let us know if you have any questions. At this time we do not know whether a third survey will be given or not. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Below are the dates I would like to bring to your attention

November 1st - Daylight savings time ends - Fall Back - Turn your clocks back 1 hour.

November 2nd

  • Parent - Teacher Conferences - Your child's teacher should have contacted you to set up a conference to discuss your child/children's progress. If the classroom teacher has not reached out to you, be sure you contact them.
  • No School for Students

November 3rd

  • Election Day
  • Teacher and Students are Off - No Synchronous or Asynchronous learning - No Synchronous or Asynchronous learning

November 4th

  • Virtual Teacher Workday - No School for students - No Synchronous or Asynchronous learning

November 5th

  • Students who have been attending school 4-days a week will return to school
  • Asynchronous learning for all other students
  • No Live Zoom meetings

November 6th

  • Frostie Moose Spirit Night Fundraiser - 3pm - 9pm
  • Students who have been attending school 4-days a week will return to school
  • Asynchronous learning for all other students
  • No Live Zoom meetings

November 9th

  • Asynchronous learning for all other students
  • No Live Zoom meetings

Looking Ahead

November 10th

  • School starts for House A - Kindergarteners
  • Students begin classes with new teachers if children were moved to a new teacher.

November 11th - Veterans Holiday - No School for teachers and Students

November 12th

  • Kindergartner - House A

November 13th

  • Kindergartner - House B

From the PTO - The PTO has waved all membership dues this year, but an application still needs to be filled out in order to become a member. This membership will allow you vote in the PTO elections. If you would still like to make a donation to the school, you can do so through the PTO: Make a check out to the Rosa Parks PTO and All funds will be used to support remote learning for our students. The membership link is http://app.rosaparkspto.org

New PTO Board for 2020-2021

President - Guatam Sood

Vice - President - TBD

Secretary - Angela Mayers

Treasurer - Susan Young

Rosa Parks Elementary is on Amazon Smile. Please select Rosa Parks Elementary School PTO on Amazon Smile and some of the proceeds from your purchases will be given back to our school. https://smile.amazon.com/ch/51-0623874

The PTO is scheduling future events: a virtual Book Fair in December; an in-person Book Fair in March; April/Spring - Run for the Gold; May - Spring Carnival; and a June ice cream social. All of these events will be contingent upon CDC guidelines.

In September, PBS Kids announced a new series ELINOR WONDERS WHY which aims to encourage children to follow their curiosity, ask questions when they don’t understand, and find answers using science inquiry skills. The main character Elinor, the most observant and curious bunny rabbit in Animal Town, will introduce you to science, nature and community through adventures with her friends. This new multiplatform series, created by Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson and produced in partnership with Pipeline Studios, will debut nationwide on PBS stations, the PBS KIDS 24/7 channel and PBS KIDS digital platforms.

“Kids love to ask questions about how the world works,” said Linda Simensky, Vice President, Children’s Programming, PBS. “That’s what makes ELINOR WONDERS WHY such a perfect show for preschoolers. Kids will recognize themselves in Elinor’s boundless curiosity as she pursues the questions she wonders about – making observations and reveling in nature’s amazing answers.”


Partners in Education,

Ms. Danielson

2020 National Distinguished Principal

Rosa Parks Masks

We have created a school mask if any of you would like to purchase one. This is not a fundraiser for our school, it is just something fun to show our school spirit. The masks are shipped directly to your home.

Digital Learning Guide from the Virginia Department of Education

This guide aims to help all parents and caregivers, including those who have limited experience with digital tolls, those who are experts with these tools and anywhere in between.