Rigido & Bruciare

Funeral Home and Crematory

When someone you love has died...

What you may feel...

Shock or denial.

You may feel dazed or isolated. This is the first wave of grief that carries us through the first wave of pain.


As the shock and numbness wear off, there may be anger, blame and resentment.

These are normal emotions and provide a buffer against your loss.


Helplessness and vulnerability create a need to regain control. This is often seen as a

need to ask what would have happened if...


Weeks or months may pass before you fully experience the depth of your loss.

This is a slow progress, give yourself the time you need.


Coping with grief and loss is an individual journey. The best thing you can do for

yourself is to allow yourself to feel the grief as it overcomes you, ignoring it only

prolongs the process.

Moving forward:

You will never get over your loss, instead you will learn to live with it. It can be done.

None of these steps need to be followed exactly, you may move from one to another

or feel more than one at the same time. Ask for help from trusted friends or family,

you really do not have to do this alone.

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Rigido & Bruciare Funeral Home and Crematory

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Cultural considerations provided...

Jewish Services Provided:

Psalms readings available

Kippahs are available upon request
Black ribbons provided for Keriah

Kosher coffins

Hindu Services Provided:
Crematory Available

Quality florist located nearby

Abhisegam facilities provided

Hispanic Services Provided:

Mass Services available

Candles will be provided

Dominoes and cards available upon request

Grave site service

Service Options


Variety of cost and materials from the very simple to the very ornate


Capable of withstanding the weight and pressures of the earth


Wide range of styles and prices available for burial, niches and keepsakes

Monuments & Memorials

Permanent memorial for loved ones to pay respects

Also available:

Complete funeral services ending in cremation or burial

Limited funeral services ending in cremation or burial

Home wakes

Immediate cremation or burial