Theology 2 First Semester

By Matthew Anthony Chaump

Original Sin and its consequences

It started with Adam & Eve. The choice they made to eat the forbidden fruit effected us for eternity. Their disobedience led to Original Sin for all humans. Original sin is something everybody is born with besides Jesus and Mary. When Adam & Eve committed the sin, sin became universally present in the world. The original state of man was, bare but sinless, no one thought of the nakedness until sin was enter and then everyone began to see imperfections.
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The Word becoming Flesh

The Word became Flesh through Jesus Christ. The second person of the Holy Trinity. Jesus, Our Savior, fulfilled the Word. He actually is The Word. The first reason for his coming is; to make expiation for sins, reconcile man with God, and restore human nature lost by sin. Secondly, to manifest the infinite depth of God's love. Also, to offer a model holiness and to allow people to share in His divine life.

The first reason talks about healing us and allowing us to have a relationship with Our Father by ridding us of sin. The second reason is a model to us of how much he loves God. Thirdly, he is a model to us for how much we should love God. Lastly, he allows us to be apart of him.

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The Paschal Mystery

The Paschal Mystery is the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ. Us humans do not have the capacity to fully understand it. The Paschal Mystery cannot be understood outside of the Passover. The things Christ went through in the Paschal Mystery are an example of His infinite love. Love is measured through self-sacrifice and he underwent the ultimate sacrifice and died for us. Through this, Original Sin was forgiven.

The Theological Virtues

The Theological Virtues are Faith, Hope and Charity. These virtues allow Christians to be apart of the divine nature. They are called theological because they have God as their subject. We are to practice being faithful in our everyday lives. It is said we are to live the faith as Christ teaches and in doing so, it will keep us away from sin.

Hope is the confident expectation God will give the capacity to respond his love so as to achieve a life of sanctity. We should live out hope in our lives by trusting God will supply us with everything he needs to reach our calling.

Charity enables us to love God above everything. To practice charity it is required to love everyone and give to them as God calls. An example of Charity from God is him forgiving us and giving us the talents to be successful in his doing.

Prayer: How we communicate with God

God becomes more and more present in our lives through prayer. He teaches us there can never be too much praying. There are three main ways we pray to God. They are; meditation, contemplation and orally. Through Vocal Prayer, we use words such as in Church. Meditative Prayer often is used to gain a bigger understanding the life of Christ or a Mystery. Contemplative Prayer keeps a person in God's presence as we abide in His love. God answers every prayer in ways we may not even expect. We have to overcome the difficulties of prayer such as; distractions or lack of time or spiritual dryness. In doing this, we will become closer to God.
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The Four Marks of the Church

The four Marks of the Church are; One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. The Church represents Christ on earth so all of the represent Christ as well. "One" means that the Church is one. That we are all one true church of Christ. Also, we are affirming the unity and solidarity of the Church. Next, the Church is Holy.The Church recieves her Holiness from Christ. The church is holy because her goal is the glory of God.The Church's holiness is not defiled by the sins of its people. Lastly, The church is holy because she brings everybody in communion like Christ did.
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The Last Things (Death, Judgement, Heaven, Hell)

The Last Things are Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell. When the world ends, this is all we will have left. Through Death- the soul leaves the body. During Judgement- Christ decides where we will go. In Heaven- our soul is in perfect unity with Christ and in Hell- we live suffering for eternity.
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Parousia is the second coming of Christ. It is something we will not know the time but we should anticipate it for our lives and live in a way that we are preparing for His coming.
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