Athena: Goddess of wisdom

By:Andrew Clark

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Some facts about her...

-Athena thought of the Trojan horse during the Trojan war.

-Often times on the brisk of war, tried to prevent it.

-Invented the flute and trumpet,but never played either one of them.

-Had celebration made for her called the Panathenea.

-Gave Tiresias blindness,but gift of prophecy.

-Often accompanied by Nike.

-Invented chariot.

-Often called to settle disputes between gods.

-Stayed calm almost always.

-Called Minerva in Roman Mythology.

Why I chose Athena

I chose Athena because we like to learn a lot stuff and have wisdom.We are also both strategic at games and other stuff you can think of strategy.I also sort-of like owls as it represents her along with the olive tree.


Athena's parent's were God Zeus and






Greek Mythology: The Story of Athena