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Google Doc most likely will be the tool of choice for the majority of your computer tasks. Let's use it better. There are so many features that are not available - or are they? Let's check out Add-ons for use with Google Docs.


What are Google Doc Add-ons? Investigate add-ons and what they have to offer.
Google Doc Add ons

Pick 5 to complete an in-depth study of. Create a Powtoon Slides Presentation to share the information your learned.

Rubric - Google Doc Add-ons

25 pts - Choose 5 add-ons to research (5 pts. each)

25 pts - Create your presentation using Powtoon Education Slides - turn in link through assignment post in Edmodo

25 pts. Share image of each add-on and describe what it does to enhance your workflow

(5 pts. each)

25 pts. Choose your favorite add-on and share an in-depth analysis. It we could only have one add-on this would be it. Why is it the best? Give a real-world example of how this tool works and why everyone should add it to their Google Doc workflow.

How to locate link to share and turn in

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