Message to RPS Families

July 28, 2020

Ralston Public Schools Parents and Guardians,

Last Thursday, Ralston Public Schools decided to transition from the Green Instructional Level to the Yellow Instructional Level in our Return to Learn Protocol. The transition involves having students attend in-person learning at their assigned school on an alternating schedule.

We are calling this our Red Square/Blue Triangle Day Schedule.

The District will assign half the student body to the Red Square Group and the other half to the Blue Triangle Group. Students will alternate going to school every other day, so some weeks the Red Square Group will attend three days a week in person, and the Blue Triangle Group will attend two days a week in person. The following week it would be the opposite.

This message includes information on:

• Yellow Instructional Level Red Square/Blue Triangle Day Calendar

• How to Find Your Student's Group Assignment

Red Square/Blue Triangle Calendar - August 2020

Students will only attend school in-person on their team's specific days noted in the attached calendar. When not attending school in-person, students will complete their assignments on their own from home.

The first day of school, August 11, will be Red Square Day. The school day will start at 8:00 am. Elementary will dismiss starting at 2:00 pm, middle school at 2:04 pm, and high school at 2:30 pm.

Click HERE to View the Calendar.

Student Group Assignments

Once you have completed your student’s Online Verification through R-Kids for the 2020-2021 school year, you will be able to see your student's team assignment.

As stated above, your student will be assigned to one of two groups - the Red Square Group or the Blue Triangle Group.

Students within the same family or who live at the same residence will attend school on the same day. RPS Parents/Guardians, online verification must be completed through R-Kids for each student you have attending Ralston Public Schools for the 2020-2021 school year.

How to access R-Kids:

1. Visit

3. Enter your user ID

4. Enter your password

5. Click Sign In

6. Click on the student(s) name you wish to see.

Where to Find Your Students Team Assignment:

After completing your student’s online verification in R-Kids, your student’s team assignment will be located with their student schedule. Online Verification must be complete before you see your student’s group assignment. Once complete, you will click on Student Schedule on the left-hand side of the screen. Your student's team assignment will be near the top middle of the screen, under your child’s homeroom teacher assignment.

For Ralston High School Students Only - Red Square A1/B1, Blue Triangle A2/B2:

Students enrolled in classes at Ralston High School already on an A/B rotation, will be separated into two groups (Red A1-B1, Blue A2 - B2). Please look for communication from Ralston High School this Sunday with further explanation and additional information.

Additional Information


Pre-Kindergarten students will attend school every day (8:00 am to 2:00 pm) because of the smaller class or group size. Educators can practice proper social distancing. Please look for more specific information soon from your student’s school.

Special Education:

Students who receive special education services will follow the Red Square/Blue Triangle calendar. Service time is provided based on the current individual education plans (IEP). Case managers and IEP teams will contact families individually for considerations for specialized programs. Please look for more specific information from your student’s school.

Daily Staggered Arrival and Dismissal:

Each school will have its staggered arrival and dismissal plan and will communicate with their families. For daily dismissal, the times are the same every day and include a dismissal time of 2:00 pm for Pre-K and elementary students, 2:04 pm for middle school, and 2:30 pm for high school students. When in the Yellow Instructional Level, students will not have an early release or a late start day.

In Conclusion

Additional information on our Yellow Instructional Level will be in our weekly communication to parents on Thursday, July 30th. If you have questions specifically about your student’s school, please reach out to your building principal.

Thank you for your patience, on-going support, trust, and engagement.

Ralston Public Schools