STAAR Review Videos

Created by The spectacular 8th Grade science team

Science Skills

This video review all of the lab saftey and science processing skills that a student needs to know. These TEKS are not usually directly test, rather they are embedded with other TEKS. TEKS covered in Science Skills - 8.1AB; 8.2ABCDE; 8.3ABCD; 8.4AB; 7.1AB; 7.2ABCDE; 7.3ABCD; 7.4AB; 6.1AB; 6.2ABCDE; 6.3ABCD; 6.4AB.

By: Carly Porter

Reporting Category 1 - Matter and Energy

This video reviews atoms, molecules, compounds (organic), periodic table, chemical formulas, chemical reactions, transfer of energy, and physical and chemical changes. TEKS covered in Reporting Category 1 - 6.5C; 6.6AB; 7.5C; 7.6AB; 8.5ABCDEF.

By: Noah Rolf

Reporting Category 2 - Force, Motion, and Energy

This video reviews force, net force, balanced and unbalance force, Newton's Laws, speed, velocity, acceleration, work, potential and kinetic energy, graphing motion, types of energy, energy transformation. TEKS covered in Reporting Category 2 - 6.8ACD; 6.9C; 7.7A; 8.6AC.

By: Kyle Chapman

Reporting Category 3 - Earth and Space

This video reviews day and night, years and seasons, moon phases, tides, components of the universe (nebula, asteroids, comets, stars), galaxies, star classifications, HR diagrams, plate tectonics, plate boundaries, topographic maps, electromagnetic spectrum, light years, Theory of continental drift, ocean and wind currents, weather maps, oceans effect climate, watershed, gravity, and our solar system. TEKS covered in Reporting Category 3 - 6.11B; 7.8C; 8.7ABC; 8.8ABCD; 8.9ABC; 8.10ABC.

By: Whitney Taylor

Reporting Category 4 - Organisms and Environments

This video reviews ecosystems, food chains, food webs, energy pryamids, relationships between organisms, roles of organisms in the environment, biotic and abiotic factors, competition among species, short and long term environemntal chnages, biodiversity and succession, human effects on ocean systems, dichotomous keys, adaptations, cells, Cell theory, body systems, reproduction, genetics, and characteristics of organisms. TEKS covered in Reporting Category 4 - 8.11ABCD, 7.10BC; 7.11AC; 7.12BDF; 7.14BC; 6.12D.

By: Kristen Loyd

6th, 7th, and 8th grade Science TEKS