WFMS Newsletter

September/October Issue


Unity Week is an annual district wide celebration of diversity within our schools, community and in our world today. “Each year, the eight schools within the district joining forces with Shanti Fund, a Long Island-based organization that promotes peace through education, by developing their own programs that encompass innovative ways to teach and express this theme. This year the district expanded its involvement to include anti-bullying subject matter as well. For 14 years, the Shanti Fund has reached out to school districts across Long Island, asking them to spread the message of peace during the week before Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday”.

WFMS’s chose their weekly theme to be: “WFMS is woven of many strands.” During the week Students Against Bullying held a petition signing in the cafeteria pledging to be Upstanders. As Upstanders they agreed to stand up against bullying.

"Peace begins with a smile."

NJHS students spread peace with smiles during unity week at WFMS.