Advanced Math Update

Beyond Base Ten

Beyond Base Ten

We are beginning a new unit in advanced math groups titled Beyond Base Ten. This is a research based unit from the William and Mary Center for Gifted Education. This unit investigates the concept of place value and the representation of numbers by using place value and non-place value systems. Number bases other than Base Ten will be featured, especially through historical contexts of early civilizations that developed number systems that are different from the ones we use today. We will analyze why Base Ten is the surviving number system and learn about applications of other number bases in areas such as computers and electricity. This unit is challenging because is requires deep understanding of the mathematical concept of place value.

Hands On Equations Assessment

This week students took an assessment on our algebra unit. This information is for me, you and them. Look for it to come home with the students. Remember this unit is advanced content for 4th graders. This information is good for me as I plan future math units.

Shannon Hunt

AIG Specialist, Claxton Elementary

Please, never hesitate to contact me with questions. I appreciate all you do to support your students.