Savings! Savings! Savings!

Lauryn Grcic

Dont forget to make a savings account!

Savings accounts are essential for all individuals no matter how wealthy they are. If there was ever an unanticipated emergency, one may not be able to pay for it without a saving plan. Wealth doesn't matter, every one needs a savings plan.

Whats the difference between savings and investing?

Savings is a sort of foundation for your financial security. It is mainly used for emergencies and large necessary purchases. Savings are also more liquid than investments, meaning that its easier and quicker to get you money. Investing is purchasing assets with the goal of making future income. Its used for long term goals like retirement and it builds your wealth.

Banks are here to help

PNC bank offers many savings plans...

  • Statement saving
  • Premium market money
  • CD's
  • IRS (Individual retirement account)
  • Health savings account