By:Karla Parada

Fun Facts

Bangladesh has the fourth-largest muslim population in the world.

The national animal of Bangladesh is the Royal bengal Tiger.

The national flower in Bangladesh is the Water Lily.

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Rice and Fish are major parts of the Bangladesh diet because the have so much water available from the rivers all over the world. The national fish that they eat is called "Hilsa" which is cooked by steaming, frying , and boiling. Muslim are not allowed to eat pork, and Hindus do not eat beef. The breakfast that they eat is commonly "Panta Vat" which is rice soaked in water overnight and it it seasoned with salt and onions or chili. Their kind of food is pretty spicy. The kids love to play soccer and cricket. Cricket is a old version of baseball.
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Marriage in Bangladesh

The bride has to wear flower accesories. their wedding can last 3-5 days.