The Americas

Maya, Aztec, and Inca


  • They were the first to build big religious temples in there towns and cities.
  • Created the most accurate solar calender called the Olmec in the ancient world.
  • The Mayan Empire created Hieroglyphics.


  • The Aztec created Codices ( Scared texts ) written in hieroglyphics.
  • They expanded there empire through war and alliances from the gulf to the pacific ocean, ruling over 6 million people.
  • They created the first floating gardens with maize, squash, beans and canals to get around. ( Transportation )


  • The Inca's invented the flute, a drum and a famous Inca panpipe
  • Inca's invented a road system with bridges and steps cut into mountain sides to make transportation easier.
  • In the Inca civilization everything was arranged, jobs, family, and even the community.

Compare and Contrast

Inca vs Maya & Aztec

  • Inca is located in the Andes and Maya is a more Mexican place as Azten ic located in the Arid Valley of Central Mexico.
  • Inca is represented by the Machc Picchu rather than Aztec who is represented by Tenochititlan and Mayan is represented by Chichen Itza.
  • Inca had a road system rather than Pyramids.

Compatibility for Inca, Maya & Aztec
  • Something Inca, Maya & Aztec have in common is that there Economy is based on Agriculture.
  • Something else Inca, Maya & Aztec have in common is that they both believed in the polytheistic religion.
  • All of these civilizations are long gone, they do not exist anymore.

Maya vs. Inca & Aztec

  • The Mayan civilization didn't have floating gardens, they built and raised fields above the food plains and along the river banks.
  • War was constant for the Mayan civilization through trade and city states being linked economically.
  • Temples were used for Burial, Sacrifices and public meetings, There language was also destroyed by the Spanish.

Aztec vs. Inca & Maya

  • The only civilization with well planned temples, apartment buildings, and roads.
  • Only civilization to have floating gardens and canals for transportation.
  • They were the only civilization that had classes where slaves and serfs could buy land and there own freedom.