Second Grade Newsletter



In November we begin our second reading unit, “Becoming Experts: Reading Non-Fiction.” Our unit start by asking questions and getting to the heart of what the book is trying to teach us. We will use the text and the different text features found in a variety of non-fiction resources to gather information. This unit supports our second writing unit, “Non-Fiction Chapter Books.”


In our upcoming Writing Unit, Nonfiction Chapter Books, children write informational texts of all sorts; each child will write lots of information books about lots of different topics and will re-visit his/her writing to self-assess and revise, as expected by the Common Core State Standards. Again and again over the course of this unit, children will structure and organize their writing by naming a topic, including relevant facts, and providing a sense of closure.


This month in math, students will explore different ways to practice addition and subtraction facts. They will use their strategies (new and old) to add and subtract up to 3-digit numbers. They will be introduced to new vocabulary: addend, sum, and difference. Lastly, they will apply this knowledge to solving word problems and explain how they arrived at their answer.


As citizens of our community we have rights and responsibilities. We are remembering that we are part of a larger community in which there are rules that we uphold in order to stay safe and happy. As we move through this unit we will also learn about our right to vote and the many American symbols that unite us.


We will explore the country of Bolivia. We will learn about the culture as we learn the names of the places in a home. They will learn the colors and the items of clothing to describe what we wear and about traditional Bolivian clothes. We will also explore places in our community and the community helpers. They continue to develop our vocabulary as we explore strategies to attack new words during our reading workshop. We are working on questioning and restating what we learn.


  • 11/3- Election Day - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS
  • 11/5- Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 11/11- Veteran's Day - NO SCHOOL
  • 11/2-11/6 - Book Fair
  • 11/13 - International Night
  • 11/18 - PTA meeting at 6:00 PM
  • 11/25 - Thanksgiving Feast
  • 11/26-11/27 - Thanksgiving Break - NO SCHOOL


Earlier this month our second graders began their residency with teaching artist Maria Spizuoco from Marquis Studios. We’ve been hard at work learning Bhangra, a traditional folk dance from India. Here’s a video to give you an idea of what we’re working on.

We enjoyed out first concert in the Jazz for Young People on Tour program through Jazz at Lincoln Center. Jazz for Young People on Tour (JFYP on Tour) brings outstanding jazz artists and performances to school audiences. JFYP on Tour includes three in-school jazz concerts throughout the year: Jazz and Democracy, Jazz and the Harlem Renaissance, and Jazz and the Civil Rights Era.

Throughout the school year we will visit the best of Brooklyn’s many cultural institutions such as The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, The Brooklyn Cyclones, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music as part of the Passport to Brooklyn program. Our first trip will be during the first week of December.


Mrs. Noa 2-248

Echo H. - 11/6

Julian M. 11/6

Christopher C. -11/11

Wylie S. - 11/25

Ms. Gutierrez 2-245

Angelo F. - 11/4

Mrs. Vizcaino 2-239

Roman A. - 11/26

Ms. Plaza & Mr. Sanchez 2-237

Ms. Pastore & Ms. Arno 2-233

Ms. Barrett & Ms. Rivas 2-231

Ms. Ramirez 2-251

Charlotte O. - 11/17

Wesley H. - 11/18

Henry P. - 11/20

Jaelina A. - 11/29


Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 6pm

250 Berry Street