Holiday Break

Aubreion Beamon

Christmas Eve / Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve, I went to go get my hair done early that morning. After that i went to my granny's house and got dressed for church. Before we left we took pictures of the little kids. At church we played different games like Don't Forget the Lyrics and Snow Ball Fight. After we left Church everything was close except Quick trip so we went there and got pizza and hotdogs or dinner. then we went back to my granny's house and listened to music while playing dominoes and cards. The next day, we woke up around 7:30 to open gifts. If i had to choose my favorite gift would be a pair of earrings I got. Afterward I went back to sleep.

All About Me

  • I have 3 brothers named Jaivon and Marcus, who are both 18 and Deondrei, who is 2.
  • I have 1 sister named Shavon who 28 and works at St. Lukes.
  • My momma name is Mary and she is in the Army.
  • I enjoy cooking and baking.
  • When I grow up I want to be a Pastry Chef.
  • I worked at Worlds of Fun this past summer.
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Summer Vacation to Tennessee