BEARS Mentoring Program

Singletons Can Make a Difference in the Life of a BEAR!

Why a Mentoring Program at MAHS?

This year we are all learning new ways of working more rigorously in our PLCs. We have restructured the protocols and are learning how to work together in a more efficient manner that helps our teaching and our students learning. As educators we are learning together too, this can be just as powerful as our students learning goals! We have identified an area that would allow our teachers to think outside of the box and help students in a creative way. Our students that are struggling need someone to help them better understand their goals and how they can reach them.

Who Will Serve as Mentors and WHY?

Our new mentoring team will consist of a vastly different PLC team. This team is made up of singletons, or teachers that are not a part of a large subject area department. This team struggles with creating common assessments due to their differences in curriculum and goals. However, after we attended a 3 day conference, PLC at Work, and completed an assessment of their current PLC situation we had devised a plan for change and growth. Our team of mentors will consist of 8 teachers; 2 teachers from each of the following departments: Exceptional Children, Foreign Language, Fine Arts and Health & Physical Education.

Our Goal

Our goal for this project is to help our PLC group of singletons to feel successful in collaboration during the PLC process. We believe they can form a strong mentoring program for our struggling students. Additionally, we believe that our students will benefit from having someone to talk to about their academics, setting goals, or simply just having someone to talk to that is a non-judgmental individual that wants to help.