The fight against Gaea

Rick Riordan,Disney hyperion, 2014,502 pages

Main characters

Annabeth is strong smart and courageous. Percy is brave and fearless and will do anything for Annabeth. Jason is fearless and is good at summoning the wind to his friends aid. Leo A.K.A Chef Leo the Tofu taco expert has a magical tool belt that holds tools and homemade weapons. He is always making new things for their quests aboard the Argo 2. Leo is very creative. Frank is usually a dragon but at times he's fearless. Piper is very supportive and is fearless during battle. Hazel is usually helps them with the undead problems and is brave.

The main character is Leo. Reyna, nico, Annabeth, and piper are the other main characters. Nico and Reyna are bringing the Athena Parthenos to half-blood hill so that the gods will be healed. They are shadow traveling to do it. Annabeth and Piper help the Argo 2 with the quests and problems with there help.

Plot summary

The book is about 7 demigods on a quest to heal the gods and make sure Gaea doesn't wake. So it starts out with Jason as an old man with the mist and they are going up to this place were a party for Gaea is being held and they totally crash it. The climax is when Annabeth and percy(the blood of olympus) spill their blood on to the soil which wakes Gaea. The 7 demigods are fighting giants with the help of their godly parents. Then Annabeth's back starts to bleed and spills half of the blood Gaea needed to wake. Then percy gets a nosebleed and spills the rest of the blood and earth mother (Gaea) wakes. The story ends by jason,leo and piper sucking her into a vortex with venti. leos dragon is spitting fire at the earth mother so she doesn't fall asleep. Piper Uses her charmspeak to make the earth mother sleep.


They have to restore the gods power and stop the earth mother from waking by August 1.

All the characters aboard the argo 2 and bringing the statue back to the greeks are trying to the earth mother from waking by fighting her giants along the way.

Quotation explanation

"Some things even the gods can't heal, she said. This wound touches your soul as well as your body. You must fight it, Jason Grace... you must survive."Page 46. I chose this quote because what the goddess really meant was you must never give up on finding your own cure.

Book review

I loved the book. Best book i've ever read. It was good and bad. It was good because of the monsters they fought and all the gods they met. The author could have continued the story with the kids of the demigods. Also they could have continued leo and calypso's story.