Are You Online?

-Are You Safe?

Our legal rights (not lefts)

We love going online, go facebook and chat, tweet your day, and everything else. Sweet. However, all of us also have the tendency to make troubles, but do you know what, when or even why your in trouble? Don't worry- here, I will try tell you all of the thing of how to stay safe, not get in troubled online.

So when can i start getting trouble (not that i intend to do that, but....)?

Well, the age of criminal responsibility (the age where you take responcibility in your actions) is 10. Pretty low, right? At the very age of 10, you can start go to jail if things go wrong.

Then, can I get in trouble if I (sort of) bully through Internet? No one will know, right?

No, you can't bully through online, and no, everyone can know this. Someone who is cyberbullying (which is saying mean things via Facebook, Twitter, and other online websites) another person can be sent to jail, according to the Malicious Communications Act 1988. If you are bullying, stop it now! Don't you know that people are getting emotionally hurt and you can also get caught and prosecuted? If you are getting bullied, report it! You can tell this to your parents, your other friends, and even better, the CEOP. The CEOP is a group of people to help and report troubles for helping people like you. They will track down the bully, and you won't be worried that much anymore. you can also get advise if you need them.

Someone talked something about "sexting".What is that?

Security Technologies (and important boring stuff)

Have something top secret, and the fear of someone looking at it? Want something that can secure your needs? Then loock no further- security is here. Here are some of the technology YOU can use to protect your things.

-PIN (Personal Identification Number)

These are four numbers (usually) that only you, unless you told someone else or they hacked in, know. They are somewhat like passwords, used in banking accounts, phone passwords, etc.

-Biometric Scanners

These scan your face, eye, fingerprint, etc to open a object, documents, etc. Worried that somehow people collected fingerprints and pictures of you face? No need to cry~these beauties scans only living thing, pumping blood or giving pressure, so you either have to be kidnapped or get premission to open it.


Those are datas into codes only you and the person you sent can decipher. This security in often used in emails, to ensure people won't just get data and information whilst being sent. Of course, some people can be super-clever to crack the code, but that only happens real occationally, so don't worry!