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December 2015

Eva Kor

The 7th Grade Language Arts classes are studying their Holocaust Unit and reading the book, Night, by Elie Wiesel. Since this book is about the author's experiences in Auschwitz during World War II, Mrs. Hochgesang and Ms. Schnarr contacted Eva Kor who is also a survivor of the Holocaust and the experiments of Dr. Mengele.

This once in a lifetime experience gave the students of Southridge Middle School the opportunity to hear firsthand the story of Eva and her twin sister, Miriam. The girls were born in 1934 in the tiny village of Portz, Romania to Alexander and Jaffa Mozes. Eva recounted the story of being separated from her parents and two older sisters and never seeing them again. Eva and Miriam were spared only because they were twins: just perfect for Dr. Mengele's experiments.

Eva now lives in Terre Haute, IN. She is a forgiveness advocate and public speaker. Powered by a never-give-up attitude, Eva has emerged from a trauma-filled childhood as a brilliant example of the human spirit's power to overcome. She is a community leader, champion of human rights, and tireless educator.

SMS Motto

Preparing students today... for tomorrow.

Winter Dance Pictures

Spell Bowl Team

This past fall SMS Spell Bowl team made it to the state finals! In the area competition in Jasper, the team place 1st in their division. This allowed them the opportunity to compete at the State level at Purdue University, where they placed 5th. Spell Bowl team members were the following: Evie Sherer, Tatiana Delgado, Jeffet Cruz, Brianna Stasel, Isabel Morrision, Corey Peters, Tyler Laughlin, and Brayson Fuhs.
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Spelling Bee

The SMS Spelling Bee took place on Friday, December 11, 2015. There were 10 spellers from each grade. The runner-up was Evie Sherer, and the champion was Jaffet Cruz. Jaffet Cruz will go on to compete at Evansville in the Area-Wide competition on February 13, 2016.

NOVEMBER Student of the Month

The Southwest Dubois County School Corporation NOVEMBER Student of the Month for Southridge Middle School was Daniela Calderon, grade 6. Congratulations, Daniela! Daniela is shown below with Mrs. Altmeyer and Mrs. Meece.
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October Student of the Month

The Southwest Dubois County School Corporation OCTOBER Student of the Month was Maddie Songer, grade 7. Congratulations, Maddie. She is shown in the picture below with Mrs. ALtmeyer and Mrs. Fink.
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More Student of the Month News

The Southwest Dubois County School Corporation SEPTEMBER Student of the Month for Southridge Middle School was Tatiana Delgado, grade 8. Tatiana is shown in the picture below with Mrs. Altmeyer and Mr. Tempel. Tatiana received her award in November also. Congratulations, Tatiana!
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SMS Vision

SMS prepares students to succeed academically, accept responsibility, and achieve their highest level of ability.

Student Council News

Mr. Wiles and Ms. Schnuck accompanied the Middle School Student Council on a field trip to the Living Roots Ecovillage in French Lick, IN. While there, the group learned about sustainable gardening and living. They spent the afternoon learning about different varieties of plants and strategies for living an environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Middle School Courtyard

For most of the students and staff at Southridge Middle School, Thanksgiving break was a time for relaxing, eating, shopping, and maybe catching up on some sleep. This was not necessarily true for our Middle School Student Council. Under the supervision of Mr. WIles and Ms. Schnuck, this group came back to school on Wednesday and built a garden consisting of 6 raised beds, composting, plantings, and rock gardens. This work was completed with the help of many parents, and teachers Lisa Durcholz, Doug Collins, and Tiffany Neuhoff. Special thanks are extended to K and K Dirtworks for the soil donation and to The Home Depot for materials donations.

The Student Council will continue the gardening initiative in the spring when warm weather arrives. If anyone has materials that they would like to donate, please contact Mr. Wiles at

If you haven't seen the courtyard for awhile, please stop by to see how much hard work has been put into cleaning up and beautifying this area.

A Final Note.....

The first semester of school is nearly at its end. The students are all anxiously awaiting that final bell on Friday that signals the start of Christmas Vacation. If the truth were known, there are several staff members anxiously awaiting the end of the day Friday as well!

I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. My wish is that all of you have a safe and happy two week vacation. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, and to all, a good day.....

Mission Statement

SMS sets high expectations while striving for excellence academically, physically and socially through the combined efforts of students, staff and family, to prepare students to reach their potential in a diverse, ever-changing society.