Marco Polo

By: Madisyn

When/where was he born/died?

He was born in September 1254, no exact date. In Republic of Venice.
He died on January, 8 1324. In Venice, Italy.

Why was he important?

Marco Polo is an Italian Merchant traveler who went back and forth making trade between Italy, Europe, and Asia. His travelings were between 1271-1295. He worked in the service of the Mongol emperor, Kublai Khan. He then traveled widely for the next 17 years.

More about him..

He was born into a wealthy Venetian merchant family. Much of his childhood was spent parentless, but later was took into an extended family. Marco's mother died when he was a young age, unknown, and his father and uncle, jewel merchants, were in Asia for much of Polo's youth.

Marco was captured..

Just a few years after he returned, he commanded a ship in war against the rival city Genoa. He was captured by the genoese people and sentenced time in prison. There he met his ghostwriter Rustichello.


"When a man is riding through this [Gobi] desert by night and for some reason ... he gets separated from his companions ... he hears spirit voices talking to him ...Often these voices lure him away from the path and he never finds it again." - Marco Polo

I have not told half of what I saw. - Marco Polo

What I learned..

I learned that Marco started as a wealthy merchant, then ended in a jail cell. I also learned what a ghostwriter is.


I think I deserve a B :)