My Summer

Aubrey Shumway


This summer I went to Utah with my best friend, Cadence. We went to spend time with family, visit our favorite college (BYU), go hiking, and go to a church camp called EFY. We went to the lake, went four wheeling, and we helped my aunt teach a summer camp at the elementary school she teaches at. It was a lot of fun and i would do it again in a heartbeat.

Girl's Camp

I got to go to camp for a week with all the girls from the church I go to. We went boating, went swimming in the lake, canoed, hiked, star gazed, did service projects, stayed up all night playing cards, and just had a lot of fun.

The Pool

Almost everyday I wasn't gone on vacation, I was at the pool. I usually went with my sister, brothers or with my friends. My favorite thing to do at the pool is play football or basketball in the water, so I really liked going with my brothers. My sister and I would try to tan, and my friends and I just went to cool off most of the time. It was a good way to use up extra time during Summer.

Favorite pictures from the summer

End of my Summer