Uvalde High School Newsletter

Week of October 12th & October 19th

Greetings UHS!

Coyote/Lobo Nation!

We did it! We all managed to stay "a-float" for the first quarter, as our counseling department describes it. The teamwork, camaraderie, and patience among our teachers, students, and parents have carried us through this, what is still a new way of teaching and learning.

The Fall Break is here and I sincerely hope everyone gets an opportunity to decompress, recharge their enthusiasm and has an opportunity to spend time with friends and loved ones.

As we continue to move forward in starting the second quarter, students will still need to continue meeting all of their teacher's expectations in studying, completing assignments and participation. Teachers will also continue to make sure to be as understanding as possible. As always, we will keep in mind a culture of service in order to help everyone succeed. By working together, we will achieve greatness. Remember, we will need to continue trying our very best and be patient with each other in order to be as successful as possible.

As we continue the in-person instruction, we must remember to abide by the following:

  • All students MUST have a complete health screener before entering the campus.
  • All students MUST wear a face covering & follow health guidelines.
  • Outside visitors will NOT be allowed on campus.

The Coyote/Lobo Nation continues to show their dedication to our community everyday.

We will continue striving for excellence by doing everything possible for our students' success and each other. "Rep the U!"


Miguel A. Castillo, Principal

Pack Leader of the Week

Gerardo Saldana - UHS Science & Dual Language Teacher

This week's pack leader of the week spotlight shines on Mr. Gerardo Saldana! Mr. Saldana is a UHS Science & Dual Language teacher, Senior Class sponsor and overall passionate teacher. Mr. Saldana connects with students, encourages them and makes time for all of his students when he can. He effectively communicates with students and their families in order to help them succeed. Great job Mr. Saldana!!! Thank you for all that you do for the UHS. Thank you for what you do for our students! Way to go and way Rep the U!

Student of the Week

Enrique Morales - 12th grade

This week's student spotlight shines on Enrique Morales! Enrique Morales is a senior, multi-student organization leader, and a very involved student within the campus and the community. Enrique is a member of the National Junior Honor Society and is an overall great student. Enrique also makes the daily announcements and he most definitely is a role model for others! Way to go Enrique!!! Way to Rep the U!

Coyote Pact

Coyotes and Lobos have a shared responsibility to take steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infections on our campuses.

Every member of our Coyote and Lobo community – including you – must do their part.


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Teacher & Employee of the Month - October

Congrats to our UHS Staff members of the Month for October:

Employee of the Month -

Sandra Sanchez, Asst. Principal Secretary

Teacher of the Month -

Bernard Bujard, UHS Science Teacher

Thank you for all that you do!!!

#BelieveInU #RepTheU #BeTheU #UvaldePride #UvaldeStrong


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The Land team competed on Thursday, October 8th at the Hill District Fall CDE Invitational and placed 5th overall! Jack Brock was the 5th place high individual as well! We are very proud of these students! They will compete to earn their spot at the State contest next Thursday at our Area competition! #BelieveInU #RepTheU🙌 #BeTheU #UvaldePride 🙌 #UvaldeStrong
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UHS Students Applying to College!

UHS students online with Rice University Admissions office & meeting with a UHS Alumni about career and college choices.

#BelieveInU #RepTheU #BeTheU #UvaldePride #UvaldeStrong



#BelieveInU #RepTheU #BeTheU #UvaldePride #UvaldeStrong


A big shout out goes to our UHS Counseling staff!

Our counselors provided ice cream floats to all of our staff to close out the first quarter and to commend them for staying "a-float" for the first quarter.

#BelieveInU #RepTheU #BeTheU #UvaldePride #UvaldeStrong

UHS Participated in the Transformational Teacher Institute

UHS teachers & staff participated in the Transformational Teacher Institute. Always working towards better ways to teach our students.

#BelieveInU #RepTheU #BeTheU #UvaldePride #UvaldeStrong

UHS Library Resources

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Upcoming Events

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Uvalde High School - Our Vision & Mission

UHS Vision Statement

Uvalde High School will create and foster a culture of achievement where students will become contributing members of a global society.

UHS Mission Statement

Uvalde High School will provide students the opportunities to think critically, problem solve, and become independent learners.

Uvalde High School - Believing in "U"

Uvalde High School administration, teachers and staff will help develop, implement, and maintain a culture of service that is based on the following:

Students always come first &

All students can learn and achieve.

This precept simply states that failure will not be tolerated. We will believe that when a child fails to learn, it is the system that fails – not the child. The campus (administration and the entire staff) must assume ownership and accept accountability for the learning outcomes of every child. The students shall be held no more accountable than the adults and vice versa. We will value the individual, their intrinsic value and ability to be part of their decision process in attaining a quality education. This belief will provide the foundation that promotes a culture that continuously strives for excellence.