Silversmith Tools

Silversmiths used a lot of tools to make an iteam. Here are some of the important tools:

Refining Furnace- Used for melting down old silver objects

Hammer- Used for handling silver

Tongs- Used for holding silver during reheat

Ladle- Used for holding melted silver

These are just some of the tools. Silversmiths used all these tools to make objects.

What do Silversmith do

Silversmith work with slver and pewter. Silversmith make cups, spoons, plates, teapots,and lanterns. Silversmith melt silver coins and old silver objects to make new family items and money. They sometimes are the bank. Every Silversmith has an apprentice. They trained their apprentie to work with silver and pewter. Silversmith receved tools from England that they ordered.

Why Silvermiths Are important?

Silversmiths were very important in colonial days. There were no banks in colonial days, so the silversmiths act out as them. They make family items. They make items to help the colony grow. They made lanterns to help people see at night. They melt coins to make things. These are some reasons why silversmiths are important.

Interesting Facts

  • work with gold, silver, copper, pewter, and brass
  • carved initials in silver wear
  • made jewelry
  • made stuff that goes on cloths

Family items

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Candle sticks

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